NTuser script "shot to bits"

  [email protected]@K @ ME! 23:12 08 Sep 2003

Okay...I have a dual boot machine XP\XP....when i tryed to boot the second OS tonite it wouldn't load....anyway after some basic hunting around iv'e discovered my NTuser Log on file is corrupt(holes in it ,all over)and also iv'e got 2 Documents and settings Folders...?in the same root folder. Okay...after removing one folder and some subtly twiddling i can boot into the OS with a default NT user log(obviously with no installed programs)which is leaving me somewhat miffed to say the least.Okay...do i have a chance of recovery here?....What's caused this corruption..a Virus?(if it is,i'ts done an excellent Job).......system restore isn't working for any restore point neither.....no back up ( even tho i just bought Drive Image!Bummer!)..nothing is perma deleted so far,so i maybe able to save the day.I'm left wondering why system restore isn't working?.......the only recent virus ive got was the MSblast and the Nachi worms both i feel wouldn't do this....any help or idea's would be great...thanx.

  [email protected]@K @ ME! 19:36 09 Sep 2003


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