NTSC / PAL info

  Newuser2 21:09 24 Nov 2004

If I buy a camcorder in the USA it will record using the NTSC system.
My query is that if I download all the recordings on to my pc and edit them and then burn them to a DVD will the recordings still be in NTSC or is there a way of altering them to the PAL system.
I have Nero and XP home.

  Technotiger 21:19 24 Nov 2004

Hi, why buy in USofA, surely better to buy UK,
then no problems with format? If you shop-around a bit you must be able to find a good 'buy' here.

  Gongoozler 21:20 24 Nov 2004

It can be done if you're prepared to pay for the software click here

  Newuser2 21:28 24 Nov 2004

Gongoozler. Thanks for the bad news, at that price it wipes out the saving almost, such is life.
Technotiger. The price in the states works out at around £200 cheaper than here in the UK.
As with most things its good old rip off Britain.

  woodchip 21:35 24 Nov 2004

It should be dual NTSC and PAL if it's anything like a good camara

  Newuser2 22:11 25 Nov 2004

woodchip the camera I'm after is the sony DCR-HC40
I've checked on the SONY web sites and the info I've got is the Uk model is PAL and the US model is NTSC.

  jz 22:38 25 Nov 2004

Converting from NTSC to PAL also results in an appreciable loss of picture quality. If you want your recordings in PAL, buy a PAL camcorder.

  Newuser2 22:44 25 Nov 2004

Thanks for your hekp guys. I'll get a PAL version.

  john-232317 22:48 25 Nov 2004

I bought a Sony camcorder in UK cos it was 200€ cheaper than in Spain ;-)) so not only UK gets ripped off.

Dont most capture programs offer to save in PAL or NTSC ?

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