DWANE PYPE 21:48 10 Sep 2008

Neighbour has a problem with his PC (E Machine with Vista basic on it) NTOSKRNL.EXE becoming corrupt.

I will try to explain: He can boot up ok, but if he does a restart after he tries to install any Microsoft updates, during the shut down, gets a screen saying, configuring 1 of 3 updates, and the 1st one takes about 3 mins to configure, the 2nd about 30secs, the 3rd doesn’t get touched, it carries on shutting down, on reboot, after the windows screen, up comes THE TECH GUYS, (E machine remember) saying it has to do a Microsoft windows repair, and does it, then a little window comes saying finished, and when you look at the log it says NTOSKRNL.EXE was corrupted, and this happens every time he has to reboot.

The reason he has to do this is because some of the updates do not down load to the PC, after down loading from Microsoft, it’s the same ones that don’t, tried with AVG and Defender off, but no joy. The same thing happens every time.

Any help will, as always gratefully received.


  Stuartli 22:35 10 Sep 2008


click here

See about half-way down this link:

click here

click here

  DWANE PYPE 23:42 10 Sep 2008

Thanks for them, but the system is preinstalled, no disc, he did do recovery disc's, put them in that "safe place" what every one has, and can't find it!!!.

Do you know how to get into the hidden partition that the recovery bits on.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 09:57 11 Sep 2008

1/ Start your PC

2/ If your PC has one operating system Press and Hold the F8 key as your PC starts. If the Windows Logo appear you will need to start again

3/ If you have a dual boot system a Boot option menu will appear. Highlight the Vista operating system and Press the F8 key

4/ In both cases, if all has gone well, an Advanced options screen will now appear

5/ Highlight the repair Your Computer option and Press Enter

6/ Select a keyboard layout, and then Click the Next button

7/ Next select your user Name and Enter your Password, then Click OK

8/ The recovery options should now appear

  DWANE PYPE 12:26 11 Sep 2008

Thanks for that, will try that later when he gets home from work.


  DWANE PYPE 20:17 12 Sep 2008

Tried your suggestion but pressing F8 only goes into safe mode,and the first thing that is high lighted is Windows Repair, and if you press that it only goes to the Tech Guys, and on a closer look there is a question with with a radial on it that says: Destructive Repair (or Recovery)?. does this do the same as using the Discs.I.E it goes back to the factory settings??.


  Fruit Bat /\0/\ 20:51 12 Sep 2008

Yes this probably resets to factory condition.

therefore boot normal, back up to external media all docs etc, then do the recovery.

  DWANE PYPE 21:16 13 Sep 2008

Will give it a go next week, possibly Wed or Thurs, will let you know what happens. We have copied what he wants on to disc.

Thanks again,


  DWANE PYPE 16:51 20 Sep 2008

Sorry for not getting back sooner.

Got it back to the factory settings, the only problem now is he can't make an E-mail account in microsoft out look, so will put that up on another thread.

Thanks again,

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