Philip2 20:24 10 Jun 2003

Anyone living in the wirral area found it is taking a long time to open the home page,up to three minutes on dial up when as rule it takes a few seconds this has happened in the last two days NTL support don't know of any fault.
No problem with any other ISP.

  anniesboy68 20:34 10 Jun 2003

Same here in Northampton I am wondering what I pay £24.99 a month for

  sdf 20:35 10 Jun 2003

My geog isnt great, i'm near reading. But according to the NTL website they are having huge problems with their email servers (I havent been able to check in over a week) and I'm told they also have some routers down. they say bear with it, will be sorted asap. hope this sheds some light

  anniesboy68 20:39 10 Jun 2003

Thanks sdf will wait with baited breath [I think thats the term]

  Andybear 21:11 10 Jun 2003

I'm using NTL broadband 600kb in North Hertfordshire. I just opened the home page - it took 2 minutes. I then pressed the 'broadband' section on the page. That took another two minutes. I can access other sites in the proverbial blink of an eye so it's obviously a problem there.

  keith-236785 21:20 10 Jun 2003

Huddersfield area

sometimes slow, sometimes unable to access e-mails at all, glad to know it isnt just me.

seems like ntl are haveing trouble country wide.
still no details about the huddersfield area (though it does seem to be ok at the moment)

  Danoh 21:21 10 Jun 2003

.. and still waiting, so shut down session.

  PSF 21:22 10 Jun 2003

click here

There seem to be a few sever and router problems at NTL. That explains the slowdowns.

  keith-236785 21:25 10 Jun 2003

Cancel my last comment, i just tried to get onto NTLworld web site, no response, maybe the website is down, as i only go there to check the server status anyway, im not too concerned.

my home page is Google.com it is quick to load and saves having to click the Search link to find something.. my opinion, yours may be different....

just give ntl some time to fix this, im sure they will.

  PSF 21:25 10 Jun 2003

oops spelling problems as well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

server not sever!!! LOL

  subaru 21:33 10 Jun 2003

the usenet has been so unreliable with ntl broadband. sometimes it works, sometimes it doesnt for days. i send them emails complaining, but do they write do they email??
does anyone else have problems accessing newsgroups?

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