ntl's CorrectConnect monitor shows red cross whill

  ChrisE 09:59 27 Apr 2004

ntl's CorrectConnect monitor indicates that I'm not connected to the Default Gateway. News, e-mail etc. all have a green tick and there's obviuously no connection problem: I can view webpages and download mail at normal broadband speed.
"Testing Connection" produces "The target server unreachable or unresponsive".
Zone Alarm Pro is installed and active.

Is there a fault with the monitoring program or is somethong more sinister happening. Can a broadband connection be taken over?

I'll be very grateful for any advice.

Chris E

  Wak 10:38 27 Apr 2004

Hi, Yesterday NTL were updating the Servers which should have just cut out the use of E-mails, leaving the internet untouched (for most people).
I got the same result as you and assumed it was NTL updating and not a problem with my settings.
However, I also found that I could not get on to the internet all day. My daughter, who is also on NTL could still get on the internet although not receive E-mails.
This morning I switched off the set-top box and let it start up again with the PACE message and, Lo! and behold, everything is back to normal.
I can only assume that when NTL switch off the service for a short while, it also disconnects the modem inside the set-top box so that CorrectConnect cannot find any servers at all.
This could be something to bear in mind for the future for all people with NTL and a Set-top box.

  ChrisE 10:59 27 Apr 2004

Thank you Wak for your reply. So possibly it has something to do with ntl.
I'm connected via a modem (USB). Unlike you, I don't and didn't have any problems connecting or receiving e-mails. The only problem is that the CConnect monitor keeps indicating that there's no connection "Monitor - No NIC/Ethernet Adapter detected" while I'm obviously connected.

Just now while typing this reply the red cross on the CConnect icon has suddenly disappeared... so it must have been a ntl hiccup. So my problem has luckily been resolved. Unfortunately these days anything unusual sets alarm bells ringing.

Chris E

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