Ntlfreedom Freedom latest dialer update & WinXP

  Steady Eddie 08:51 29 Nov 2003

Any suggestions on how limited accounts on XP can access the internet using NTLworld freedom dialup since the last dialer updateI

I run WinXP as administrator on home PC. rest of familly have limited accounts

NtlFreedom sent automatic dialer update on Wednesday. Since then only I as administrator can access the net

remainder of family cant conect or even display conection properties in control pannel etc although the ntlworld conection Icon is displayed.

Called ntlhelpdesk . They reccomended making all family adminsitrators. This cured conection problem. (was very expensive as helpdesk didnt speak english as first language)

However my kids are renowned for changing system configuration and I dont want them to be administrators.

Have sinced used sytem restore to before update. however as soon as I connect to ntlworld the update is retransmitted and problem reoccurs.

Any suggestions on how limited accounts on XP can access the internet using NTLworld freedom dialup since the last dialer update

  vinnyT 11:09 29 Nov 2003

Create a dialer for each family member, don't have xp, but in w98 you would enter my computer-select dialup networking-then make new connection, give it a name. Enter the details required for logging on ie phone No. user name. You will have to do this for each member account.

I have 2 pcs on ntl, and neither use the ntldialer, and have no probs.

Hope this helps.

  Steady Eddie 22:38 29 Nov 2003

Thanks vinny,

unfortuantly I wont be able to create new NTL conections for each family member as under the new ntl system the telephone number for the dial up is blocked out in the middle.

So I dont know what the number is since NTl changed its system and sent the new number encrypted in its update.

  Spikey© 23:01 29 Nov 2003

The number is still the same as the old one.

  Mike ® 10:29 30 Nov 2003

Can you copy and paste across two user accounts? never tried it myself. If so create copies of dialer.

  vinnyT 11:55 02 Dec 2003

Hi Steady Eddie, sorry I've been off for a few days.

You can find the number somewhere on the ntl website, but the number I use is 0800 519 0100 (they stopped using the 0808 No. a while back).

  TBH1 12:25 02 Dec 2003

don't like to add to the confusion here - - - but I'm gonna . . . . . I use the 0808 number, would let you know what it was but the middle 3 are *'ed out. The 0800 number quoted above was my old one.

  vinnyT 15:17 02 Dec 2003

TBH1, yeah the 0808 no. was the primary and the 0800 secoundary, I can't log on with the 0808 anymore and ntl TS (contradiction in terms) said was no longer being used.

However, so long as Steady Eddie can sort his prob it dosn't really matter which number works. Cheers.

  TBH1 16:00 02 Dec 2003

I wrote that 0808 number down somewhere - - will post again when I find it - -but am still baffled as to why its been *'ed out - - not top secret is it ???? Won't be for long ;)

  Steady Eddie 19:34 02 Dec 2003

Thanks for all the advice to date.

I had a rummage around the data files in the NTL dialer file and found the following number in amounst the code


I then used windows to create a new connection with this number.

I deleted the old conection and hey presto it works.

If I plug my Modem into the NTL wall box I cant connect. If I plug the modem direct into the BT socket it connects. Therefore I think the 1470 bit at the front is to sign up to the NTL phone system instead of BT.

Does anyone know what NTL is up to sending dialer updates that dont work ?

  TBH1 23:40 02 Dec 2003

my modem works fine via ntl box - - -the 1470, I believe, just tells them where you are dialling from - - works without it I think .

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