AcidBurn7uk 12:10 09 Feb 2004

I had NTL BB installed 2 weeks ago now and everything has been great. Last night I came to try their FTP service, but to no avail. I have downloaded the Terrapin FTP program that they recommend but it just dont work. When I try to connect I just get a message saying: "The server has dropped your connectio" and some other stuff about using the right Dial-up account and having proper authority. I have tried filling in my username in both formats: user.name and [email protected] with my password, but to no avail. Could somebody please help me as I really am stuck with this one!

  stlucia 12:29 09 Feb 2004

I use Terrapin, but with Freenetname, not ntl. I do have a problem remembering how to input all the info it asks for, but if I get it wrong I get the messages about correct authority, but nothing about dropped connection -- in fact I always have to manually disconnect because Terrapin never drops the connection even when I want it to at the end of an upload.

I'm suggesting that maybe there's another fault than just incorrect user name. But, have you tried the full "http:\\ www. user. name ..." (without the spaces)?

  Eric10 12:30 09 Feb 2004

Have you tried the FAQs on this site? click here

  AcidBurn7uk 13:38 09 Feb 2004

Is there a way to tell it your using broadband, not DialUp, looking at the FAQ section says about some FTP server check the Incomeing number first, but since I have a cable modem I don't have a phone number! I'm about to try a trial version of WSFTP - I'll let you know how I get on with it.

  AcidBurn7uk 13:53 09 Feb 2004

No luck, I've E-Mailed NTL Customer services, will post what ever response I get here tomorrow!

  Eric10 13:56 09 Feb 2004

Look at the section called "Click here for the settings to use with other FTP clients or FTP capable browsers" at the bottom of this ntl page if you haven't already seen it. click here

  duckers 15:34 09 Feb 2004

maybe its not the FTP program being troublesome, I have NTL cable and cannot access the NTL web space no matter what I do.
Contact NTL? Dont waste my time...
so If anyone has any ideas I would like to hear them,,,,

  AcidBurn7uk 22:26 09 Feb 2004

I still havn't heard from them, but last time it took them 3 day to get in touch with me!

  Roadgiant 22:59 09 Feb 2004

When I first got NTL installed, one of the first things I did was change my original password (supplied by NTL which was a mixture of numbers and letters)to my own user friendly one.
A few weeks later after spending several frustrating hours trying to access my newly aquired webspace using my new password, I then tried the original NTL supplied one and hey presto it worked.
It appears that even if you succesfully change your password for e-mail access, the original NTL supplied password is the one to use for FTP accessto personal webspace.
Hope this info is usefull to you.

  John-259217 01:45 10 Feb 2004

I don`t have Windows/Terrapin FTP handy right now but I`ve used it successfully in the past.

I would suggest that the messages your getting indicate that its connecting to NTL's server but then failing to authenticate your details.

As I recall it takes care of the server address and port number for you but for reference these should be:

upload. ntl. com (without the spaces)
port 21

your user name should be as shown on your welcome letter without the @blahblahblah part added. It may be shown as "Login" under configuration details.

As Roadgiant suggests, try your original password from the welcome letter (not the one you gave customer services when you initially ordered BB). Check carefully as you enter it so "Ohhs" aren't mistaken for "zeros" etc.

I`ve just connected and transferred using gFTP without problems so it is possible to use clients other than Terrapin.

Good luck


  Smiler 11:01 13 Feb 2004

It's back so have a look or post here

click here?

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