NTL Webmail

  KCR 15:41 04 Nov 2003

I have NTL Bband and use their webmail service but it is incredibly slow - much slower than I have seen others logging on to webmail hosts using dial-up !

Is anyone else suffering from this ? NTL website is slow loading up compared to other websites but on the email front I'm talking over 3 mins to load up a single page listing about twenty text only emails with no attachments !

  pj123 16:34 04 Nov 2003

What do you mean "webmail" service. I have NTL BB at 600kbs and all I do is click on Mail, Read Mail and there it is?

  KCR 16:40 04 Nov 2003

Go in to services and webmail - enter email address and password and then eventually it will bring up your inbox - what/where do you click on - I confess I set it up a year ago and use a shortcut on the keyboard to go straight to it - has it changed ?


  obbit 16:56 04 Nov 2003

pj123 it's on the NTL home page.

click here

  obbit 16:59 04 Nov 2003

sorry KCR didn't mean to steal your thread. i haven't used webmail as i am using OE at the moment. NTL keep having problems with services. if it continues to be slow it might be a case of waiting till they fix any faults or give them a ring.

  accord 17:02 04 Nov 2003

click here for NTL server status

  KCR 17:04 04 Nov 2003

When I load up the webpage you get webmail options either through the services pull down menu or down on the right hand side - is it the same thing ? Must be

  accord 17:04 04 Nov 2003

the ntl home page is a nightmare to view even on BB, havnet used it for ages as it isnt worth the wait, youre better off using google/yahoo for search engine or bbc.co.uk if you want full content, as for webmail, again i havent used that for ages as ive configured outlook and outlook express for emails.

  pj123 10:30 05 Nov 2003

Ah, thanks obbit. I don't use NTL home page. My home page is Google.

KCR, on the menu bar one of the icons is Mail, with a drop down menu. I just click on that and then on Read Mail. I am using IE6.

  pj123 10:33 05 Nov 2003


Just been into NTL home page and see where you are at. But I still have the normal IE menu icons at the top and Mail, Read Mail is still there and works.

  KCR 10:36 05 Nov 2003

I must have extremely poor attention to detail because I cannot see it on the screen ! Do you log in to NTL first somehow (which could bring up a different screen).

Could you tell me where on the screen you see the Mail, Read Mail options ?

Thanks in advance

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