NTL server recognition??

  User-B1B06112-A781-4247-985B902DE5366728 13:52 29 Mar 2003

I managed to disconnect power cable to NTL modem & seem to have caused serious probs to settings.Can't get outlook to recognise either user name or passwords.
Spent 1 hr on tel to NTL tech services-result now have no POP3 or SMTP recognition.
Tried usual send & receive/ servers boxs-ziltch
Wont recognise user names or passwords-any ideas plse.

  jazzypop 14:30 29 Mar 2003

Disconnecting a power cable from an NTL modem can not cause your PC's username, password, DNS, POP3, SMTP settings or any other related items to change.

In fact, power-cycling the modem is often recommended as a good method of 'kick-starting' a cable connection.

As you appear to have internet access, but apparently not email access, it seems that you are currently a victim of NTL's email server upgrade process, whereby you lose connection to the email server for a while.

Be patient, it will return. Meanwhile, check out the server status pages at ntlworld.com

Hey Jazzypop,
I agree it shouldn't but it has & after an hour on tel with NTL tech services we couldn't restore my settings to the point that POP3, SMTP recognises my settings. NTL website shows no probs in my area or probs with connection.
I tried shutting down & removing all cables from modem for 20 sec (as per NTL), re booting-get the following error messages;
server does not recognise Logon name or password.
Beats me.

  bfoc 11:24 30 Mar 2003

The problems, suffered by others, in this thread click here

If so then the power cable and your e-mail problems are not related at all and it is a fact that NTL's website does not show all problems.

IMHO if you are able to access the internet fine and you have not changed your Outlook settings it really is most likely to be an NTL server problem.

Incidentally can you access your e-mail from the web login on the NTLWorld home page?

  jazzypop 19:56 30 Mar 2003

Google throws up the following useful links for the two error messages you gave (as well as quite a few others).

Try click here and click here

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