NTL Problem

  Conaire 23:58 22 May 2004

Over the last few weeks I have been getting disconnected from the internet every few hours. I'm using the 150k Broadband Service. I would get disconnected from the internet and not be able to connect for about another half an hour. The problem is becoming very annoying and to make it worse I emailed NTL support a week ago and still haven't received a reply. Would anyone know what the problem could be? I’ve tried all 3 of my computer's and there all having the same problem + my friend who lives around the block is also having the same problem.

Thanks in regards

  AcidBurn7uk 00:04 23 May 2004

It could be a problem with the line, check the NTL server status page: click here for any ongoing problems.

Also, have you (and your friend) tried re-booting your Cable Modem. This will vary depending on which model modem you have but generally, turing off the power for 15 seconds, than powering it backup, should be sufficient.

Hope this helps. Jay

  Pauper 00:08 23 May 2004

You don't say where you are, but Southampton area are having problems - "Broadband customers in the Southampton area may currently be experiencing a degraded service such as slow browsing or intermittent access to email. In some cases service may also be lost completely. Our engineers are working to resolve the issues as soon as possible. Please accept our apologies for any incovnenience this may cause.".

This fault is classed as intermitent and was first logged on 30th April

  AcidBurn7uk 02:06 23 May 2004

I had my BB installed in feb, and almost every week, it seems the southampton are has problems of some sort. I think NTL really need to get their act together.

Conaire, I forgot to mention earlier. E-Mailing support is a waste of time. Twice I have E-Mailed them, twice its taken nearly 2 weekd for them to reply and twice the response has been "Due to the nature of your query we cannot of assistance via E-Mail. Please ring customer service or technical support (depned on my problem) to resolve your issue.

Twice I gave the reply: "When support is free I will!"

  Conaire 12:37 23 May 2004

I'm in the Belfast area. They really are loosing my interest, when i had dial up i was getting 2.5k's for a connection. When i phoned them up they said it was my fault. Also i unplugged the modem last night, and this morning still had the same problem. Thanks for trying to help tho.

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