NTL PoP mail

  hgrock 07:31 20 Jun 2003

Has anyone else having having problems receiving mail from ntl, I knew htey had some probs with their mail server, but this is nearly a month now that i am unable to get the mail, it times out after waiting 3 mins, so i increased it to 5 sometimes i get mail and some of them are mail that i sent a long time ago, not returned mail but actually sent to me from me. am i the only one, cant take a lot more of this may have to change ISP

  Andsome 07:47 20 Jun 2003

No problems here

  mole44 07:48 20 Jun 2003

yes NTL have had problems,and whats more they admit it,they messed up my internet billing and i had to pay £55 backpay even though they said they e-mailed me about it ,i never got the e-mail.i was even phoneing them to tell em about billing,still for £10 a month we can`t complain.

I have had no problems with my email beside being slow to load.

  Andybear 09:59 20 Jun 2003

The only problem I have had is when I received an email from PCA, advising that a message had been posted to a thread I put in the forum. That email arrived four days after it was sent. Other than that it's been fine, just a bit slow at times. It seems to depend on where you are in the country - some parts aren't having too many problems and some parts are having loads. It's the same with the nthellword web site, some people can access it without any problems but some can't.

  Nellie2 10:19 20 Jun 2003

I had an email from NTL the other day, unfortunately I have deleted it now or I would have pasted it in for you. But the gist of it said that there has been problems with the mail service and that they were doing some work on it this week I think. The main problem being that uncollected mail is sitting on the server clogging things up. So they said that any mail more than 90 days old will be deleted from the server.
It may be an idea to got to your web mail in box and see what is there. When I was on dial up if someone sent me a mail with a large attachment it used to clog up my mail box and I couldn't download anything

  g0slp 10:56 20 Jun 2003

In fact, I've just set up my Internet access on XP, whereas I was using W98SE before, with that 'orrible "Gearbox" system. (G'box won't run on XP). Now, although I have to manually launch OE and IE, it's not a hardship.

The question is, are your POP settings etc correct? It's not unknown for them to become corrupted.

Apologies if you've already checked that.

Good luck

  Sparks 18:25 20 Jun 2003

Try this for NTL troubled areas click here

  obbit 18:29 20 Jun 2003

can't get emails from one account but other ok.

east midlands

  Tazfan 18:41 20 Jun 2003

Dear customer,

Improvements to your email service

As you may have noticed, ntlworld's email service has recently suffered some intermittent technical problems and some of our customers have been temporarily unable to retrieve their email. If you have suffered from any of these problems we'd like to offer you our sincere apologies and to explain a little more about our plan to fix this.

Over the next few days we will be increasing the capacity of our email service and removing more of the large volume of unread emails that slows down the system.

In particular, we will be changing the number of days we store unread email for to 90 days, in line with other leading ISPs. We will be making this change with effect from Monday 16th June.

By making these changes and reducing the volume of unread emails stored on the service, we will significantly improve the quality of your email service.

Please note that this will only affect you if you are NOT using an email client (like Microsoft Outlook or Outlook Express) to access your email account. If you pick up your email using an email service like this it's downloaded to your computer and will be saved until YOU decide that you no longer want to keep it there!

If you normally access your email using webmail, or you check your inbox less frequently than every 90 days, any email that is older than 90 days will be deleted, so you should move anything you want to keep that is older than 90 days to your PC. This is easily done by collecting your email using an email client (such as Outlook Express which was supplied with your ntlworld account).

For more information about this improvement to your email service, please visit click here

Once again, our apologies for any inconvenience that you may have encountered in recent weeks,

ntl:home Internet Services

  cabanasdetavira 18:51 20 Jun 2003

Never normally a problem, however has been somewhat slow lately, as admitted by NTL in their e-mail this week.

One problem that did occur this week was that Outlook Express, crashed totally, had to delete all references to it and re-set it up, seems ok now so not sure if related to NTL, or not.

NTL get a lot of deserved criticism for ceratin aspects of their services, but on the whole since joining their broadband I have been very pleased with it, especially the pricing, must be about the lowest available, unless anyone knows different?

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