NTL ?? Patience please for a rookie

  WallyD 17:59 26 Oct 2004

Reading these columns am I correct in assuming if one purchased a Pc with a LAN card installed then on could connect to NTL via this.
I have NTL digi box on the TV and I think the connection has to be with this box however the digi box is a long way from my PC but the NTL outside box on the outer wall is just underneath my window where I have the PC. Does this mean ntl could connect whatever from this box to the LAN card and ignore the digi box.Hope this is not too confusing but I,m trying to avoid yards of cable running around the house.Many thanks

  Falkyrn 18:13 26 Oct 2004

My own set up from ntl runs seperately from the digi box and does run straight from the outside connection .... unfortunately I have to have the yards of cabling.

  joseph K 18:20 26 Oct 2004

Likewise, I have yards of cabling. I also asked for more, which I was given, in case I wish to shift my comuter. I'm afraid the only other solution would involve wi fi.

  joseph K 18:22 26 Oct 2004

LOL My commuter usually moves herself!

  WallyD 18:25 26 Oct 2004

Thanks for the response
So 6 yards of cable up and through my wall plus a LAN card would let NTL hookup ??

  Rayuk 18:27 26 Oct 2004

Yes just as I have it.

  g0nvs 18:35 26 Oct 2004

Also USB. Works fine here.

  Rogerfredo 18:41 26 Oct 2004

If you are talking about broadband, NTL will supply and fit an ethernet/usb modem wherever you want it and cable it to their outside box.
Currently costs from £19 per month.

  WallyD 18:43 26 Oct 2004


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