NTL Netguard only partially uninstalled

  SaxonBok 15:33 14 Apr 2007

NTL Netguard was causing problems on my son's laptop so I tried to uninstall it and load AGV. The uninstall was only partially successful. Re-installing and trying to un-install again might be the way to go but I don't have the disk. Clicking on Uninstall netguard now does nothing. I've run Reg Mechanic which cleaned out some NTL entries. By starting in safe-mode I can delete all but one file in the windows\programs\ntl\ntl netguard folder but when I reboot dozens of the files are re-created. I guess there's an entry in the registry which tries to re-install netguard and is partially successful. I could poke about in the registry but I'd rather talk to someone who's done it first.
Can anyone help please?

  birdface 15:44 14 Apr 2007

Try C Cleaner.

  AndySD 16:06 14 Apr 2007

Looks like they call it PC Guard now and can be downloaded from click here

  birdface 16:18 14 Apr 2007

You have to make sure it is not running before you uninstall it,The new version is called Pc Guard,It may pay you to download that.

  SaxonBok 17:20 14 Apr 2007

Thanks, both of you, for the advice. I don't think I can stop it running though. It won't let me end the process and there's not enough of it installed to give me an option to turn it off. I'll try installing PC Guard and see if I can get a clean uninstall after that. Thanks again.

  birdface 17:41 14 Apr 2007

Try ,Start,Run.Type in ,msconfig.Open start up on top right,If it is on there untick it, Apply .When you reboot computer a box will appear,Tick the small square,Ok,At least that should stop it running at start up if still there.

  SaxonBok 17:45 14 Apr 2007

I've already tried that and it didn't stop it. That's why I think it's embedded in the Registry somewhere.

  SaxonBok 17:48 14 Apr 2007

Sorry - to clarify. I set msconfig not run any Start-up programs. I didn't check to see if it was listed in start-up but in any case it still ran.

  Technotiger 17:53 14 Apr 2007

Hi, run CCleaner, and then look at Tools in CC to get rid of any left-overs.

  birdface 17:27 15 Apr 2007

If you clicked apply and ok after you unticked them,They should not have restarted,It might be worth your while runnimg your Anti-virus and Spyware programs just in case,Did you manage to Download AVG, I use their A/Virus and A/Spyware I am also with NTL but prefer AVG,

  SaxonBok 16:10 16 Apr 2007

I've run CCleaner and run Registry Mechanic again. I tried to install PCGuard but the install failed with a message saying it was unable to successfully un-install my previous configuration.
The partial install of PCGuard installed 'Broadband Advisor'. This was very well behaved. In MSconfig it was in the start-up list & I was able to stop it from loading. In the start/programs list Broadband Advisor has 4 options 1 Install PCGuard (which I tried again with the same result). 2 Start Broadband Advisor (BA) 3 Stop BA 4 Un-install BA. I uninstalled it and the result seems clean. I can't find any programs or processes running which I recognise as NTL stuff. I've installed AVG ok so you could say everything is alright, except that whatever I do, when I reboot NTL creates a shed load of files in Prog files/ntl/ntlnetguard folder unless they are already there. I don't know how it does that and I don't know if they are doing anything. It's not hurting me but it does bug me. Thanks for all your help guys. If you think of anything else let me know.

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