ntl increased bandwidth

  lewis187 21:17 18 May 2004

i heard a rumour about the speeds of ntl broadband being increased...
eg. 1mb to a 1.5mb?
is this true and if so when is it happening?

  Life's-Good 21:19 18 May 2004

yep, quite old news actually. Its happening in the summer some time. 150k to 300k, 600k to 750 and 1mb to 1.5mb. At no extra cost. It's because other companys are doing the same.

  Tim1964 23:27 18 May 2004

The biggest clue will be when the 1Mb users will see on their bills the cost rising by £3 as NTL customers (along with everyone else I guess) pay in advance.

Hopefully when this happens the 1Mb users will let us know.

Still can't understand why the 600K users (like me) are getting a 25% increase whereas the 150K users are getting a 100% speed increase.

Yes I know that we should be greatful as it's 'free' but fairs fair.

  Pesala 05:50 19 May 2004

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  Andybear 07:22 19 May 2004

I agree with you. I'm on 600K and such a low increase is unfair particularly, as you said, that 150K is being increased by 100%.

  Pesala 08:11 19 May 2004

It is just a matter of market forces. click here Any ISP will charge as much as they think customers will pay.

Wanadoo Prices:

£17.99 a month for 512Kbps broadband

£27.99 a month for 512Kbps+ broadband

£34.99 a month for 1Mb broadband

So £17.99 for 150K is currently looking very expensive, while £24.99 for 600K doesn't look too bad, it would be £71.96 at the 150K rate.

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