NTL Home Broadband Go Slow

  Pesala 10:25 22 Aug 2003

I've been having connection problems recently, and my speed test results have dropped dramatically.

Surely I should be getting better results than this on a 150K cable modem?

Fri, 22 Aug 2003 09:20:41 GMT

1st 128K took 71290 ms = 1839 Bytes/sec = approx 15 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 19170 ms = 6837 Bytes/sec = approx 57 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 16920 ms = 7747 Bytes/sec = approx 64 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 21750 ms = 6026 Bytes/sec = approx 50 kbits/sec

  suzie005 10:41 22 Aug 2003

we've all been suffering.a couple of days ago i was getting page cannot be displayed or couldn't get to sites at all and changing proxies did nowt at all.ring server status and it does tell u they're having DNS problems again.can't answer ur last one but i know i posted in a thread asking the same question as urs.problem is i can't find the posting.

  Ben Avery 10:43 22 Aug 2003

2nd 3rd and 4th attempts would have me assuming you are on a 600kb connection?

50-64kbits/sec seem perfectly reasonable to me on this speed???


  Ben Avery 10:46 22 Aug 2003

that at the moment the large amount of internet traffic (which ntl have advised in emails to EVERY user account to ensure PC's are patched agains't recent virus outbreaks) means that your connection speed will be lower at the moment than usual. I myself have a 600KB connection and have suffered reduced download speeds whilst my freeserve 512KB connection is speedy gonzales!

Give it a few days, if still having trouble phone ntl.


  Djohn 10:52 22 Aug 2003

Agree with Ben Avery. A 56k dial-up modem will give you download speeds in the region of 4.5 to 5.2 kbs, so with a 150k connection your figures should be 8.5 to 10.5 at the most.

My 512k Broadband reports figures of between, 60 an 64 kbs, and I have been told these are very good. j.

  Pesala 10:54 22 Aug 2003

I was on 128K, but they upgraded it to 150K and hiked the price, I don't know when they did that. They also gave me 600K BB service by mistake when I first moved here in March. That was really fast. Download speed is about 17 K/sec at the moment, which seems about right.

These are the results I used to get

Mon, 23 Jun 2003 22:07:48 GMT

1st 128K took 7910 ms = 16570 Bytes/sec = approx 138 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 7200 ms = 18204 Bytes/sec = approx 151 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 7190 ms = 18230 Bytes/sec = approx 152 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 8130 ms = 16122 Bytes/sec = approx 134 kbits/sec

This is another test I just did

Fri, 22 Aug 2003 09:50:29 GMT

1st 128K took 58550 ms = 2239 Bytes/sec = approx 19 kbits/sec

2nd 128K took 19230 ms = 6816 Bytes/sec = approx 57 kbits/sec

3rd 128K took 19170 ms = 6837 Bytes/sec = approx 57 kbits/sec

4th 128K took 16910 ms = 7751 Bytes/sec = approx 64 kbits/sec

  suzie005 11:01 22 Aug 2003

didn't look far enuff for ur posting Djohn.soz

didn't think it relevant but

click here

that DOES mention the worm blaster virus.i DO think tho that the problems at the sec are down to ntl cos i've not suffered at all during the holidays except when they're messing about.i've got the 1 meg connection and u can notice a difference.just seen this as well

click here

  suzie005 11:02 22 Aug 2003

meant to say MS blaster

  Ben Avery 11:06 22 Aug 2003

Apologies - me and DJohn both read the post wrong. Your connections are not actually right, I thought you was meaning 50-64 KBs (Kbytes) not kbits!

This means you are connecting at a speed of 5.7KBs which admittedly is pretty poor. More of a dial-up speed!

Speak to ntl (if you can get through their hold music for long enough!)


  Mango Grummit 11:07 22 Aug 2003

Using click here I usually get 240+kbps on the UK sites but it can be 290+ at times.

Djohn, I would be interested to see what you get using this one as I'm on AOL like you (as you know). Ignore the first reading because it's a dummy -- alway gives 207 at least for me. The second and subsequent readings vary a bit around 240+.

  keith-236785 11:11 22 Aug 2003

i agree with Pesala, 150k NTL broadband should give 16-17kbs download speed, have you checked for the blaster or welch worms which can slow down the internet.

do a search on your computer for msblast, i got this on saturday. took me four hours to get rid of it.

good luck

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