NTL Hell, DSL router help required

  PhiltheFragger 19:16 15 Dec 2006

Chum has NTL using a small blue USB modem. Wants to install a wireless router.

Following the instructions, it looks like you connect on your existing set up , then change the cables around and the router picks up the signal and is supposed to run with it.

All the instructions assume that we are using a RJ45 direct into the PC, there are no instructions on transferring from a usb modem.

I have the WAN light on the router, bit no connection with either the internet or the NTL provisioning service.

Dont feel up to spending hours waiting for the NTL help desk

Can anybody shed any light


  fitshase 21:07 15 Dec 2006

The wireless router will need to connect to a cable modem (I am assuming you have cable broadband) via a RJ45 cable. I don't know of any wireless cable routers which use a USB connection to the modem.

The setup would be:-

Cable from street into cable modem (or set top box).

RJ45 cable from modem (or set top box) to router.

RJ45 cable from router to main computer (best using cable as opposed to wireless on the main computer in order to set the router up).

Other computers can then connect wirelessly once set up.

The router should take on the MAC settings of your main computer in order to talk to the NTL broadband modem and connection.

Is there any way you can get a RJ45 modem as opposed to a USB one?

  AndySD 05:05 16 Dec 2006

I use the NTL little blue modem and it has an RJ45 socket on it. you will need a straight through cable to the router.

  PhiltheFragger 08:51 16 Dec 2006

So do I still use the little USB modem?

if so how?

  AndySD 19:49 16 Dec 2006

Have a look on the back of the modem and see if it has a network socket.

  Strawballs 20:54 16 Dec 2006

The modem should have both usb and network socket,(I have STB but my neighbour has modem an it has both)connect from the network socket to the input socket on the router and you will need to connect to the PC by wire untill setup.

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  PhiltheFragger 22:47 16 Dec 2006

lets clarify the current set up

a RJ45 cable comes from the set top box downstairs into a rj45 socket on the end of the usb modem

This modem then plugs into a USB socket.

The modem itself is about 3 inches long and about i inch wide, it says "sodem"

My aim is to have the main pc connected by rj45 via the Dlink router, and other pcs can pick up the wireless signal.

the WAN light is lit on the router, but it wont pick up the net

have been through the power down / power back up routine several times,

Its going out of the window soon

  AndySD 22:55 16 Dec 2006

Ok so what is the make/model of the router?

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