NTL... Grrrr!!

  Fanianni 21:14 07 Jan 2004

Hi e1, Im sure im not the only person thats got a really slow connection speed with NTL, at 48.0kbp it boots me, at 33.0kbp its ok, well at least for 2hrs anyway, but b/f doesnt play coz its too slow, and we have tried everything we know.... but we open to any suggestions!! I havent broadband in my area either!! ive tried AOL.. their a different problem entirely! as for Freeserve :~( So really i just need some sound advice from u about 'foowee' NTL! Thanxxxx

  Goolie 08:28 10 Jan 2004

I was on ntl until i changed to adsl, My connection was only very slow after I changed my pc with one that had a v.92 modem. Ntl told me they do not support v.92. I changed back to v.90 and all was well.

  Fanianni 14:10 10 Jan 2004

hi, thanx for responding i was beginning to give up. I have a modem that supports both v.90 and v.92 so hense still havent a clue whats happening!

Have you got normal dial-up like myself or broadband? thanxx

  hugh-265156 14:30 10 Jan 2004

on dial up most online games will be very slow and jerky if they play at all.

dont expect to get 56kbs from your modem 40ish is more like the norm.

  ^wave^ 15:22 10 Jan 2004

look at what you have connected to your phone system at home disconnect all but your modem and try again

  Fanianni 23:55 10 Jan 2004

hi huggy, i understand what your sayin but my b/f's speed is 56kbs and hes with blueyonder on a normal dial-up and not broadband!! and hes had cable for years as i have, so whys his connection so fast and mines not??

hi wave, my internet is plugged into one line, with nothing else on it, and my housephone is plugged into a seperate line, coz i have not got broadband in my area of 'central london'!!!! stinkin NTL!!

  hugh-265156 23:59 10 Jan 2004

i have really no idea sorry.

test your speed click here?

  woodchip 00:01 11 Jan 2004

You need to check if you have a manual for the modem, on how if at all you can just run the modem at V90, By changing a setting, only you will know as we do not know what modem you have

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