ntl freedom dial up number change

  JustJohn 10:36 19 Oct 2003

Does anybody else use NTL freedom for their ISP?
If so have you also had to change your dial up connection?
Everything seems ok, but I'm a little suspicious as 3 digits of the dial up number are now "cloaked" and can't be read.
I didn't click on any links to update - it was automatically picked up when I tried to connect to the internet this morning - before any other pages loaded up.
Am I just being paranoid?

  albert108 11:19 19 Oct 2003

Yes I had to download the software on Saturday,I have tried using 147 008089 909877 in normal DUN but it does not work.

I would like to know if there is a 'work around' using DUN and avoiding the new software.

  spargo 11:37 19 Oct 2003

Have had to do the same!
What do we do if we have to reinstall at any time? Why are they hiding the no?

  doorman 14:30 19 Oct 2003

See previous thread here click here

I refuse to use the dialler software, it is too intrusive and appears to give NTL some access & control over my machine, and restricts use of other ISP's, also when I tried to change the dialler setting it caused a crash.

I'm using 147008005190600 in DUN but sometimes I get directed to the 'Download Dialler' page, when this happens I disconnect and redial and usually get through OK.

Although I am no expert, I would advise all NTL dial-up customers to NOT use the dial-up software.

  woodchip 15:27 19 Oct 2003

If you continue to use it you will not get on the net, as 0800 is changing. For those above make sure you save the download to a floppy or CD so that you can restore if you have to reload your OS

  spargo 16:31 19 Oct 2003

I run a dual boot system 98se on one drive and XPPro on another. Xp did not give the option to save the download but 98 did so I have got a copy. Has anybody else using XP managed to keep a copy and does it work?

  woodchip 17:55 19 Oct 2003

It should work as it is for Dial-Up and it check's what OS and modem when you run it. And configure?s it

  doorman 20:54 19 Oct 2003

I know that if/when NTL stop the 0800 number I may not be able to use their service and so be it, I will not use their dialler as it makes changes to my settings, makes it difficult to use other ISP's and it looks like it gives NTL access to all files stored on my PC.

Why should we need a dialler ? Windows is very capable of making a connection to any number we wish to enter, we can even enter several numbers and Windows can even enter a different number if it fails to connect.

This software from NTL appears to be more spyware than dialler and I will not have it on any of my machines.

For anyone interested in others opinions and extra reading click here

and click here

  TBH1 21:13 19 Oct 2003

JustJohn - - yes, I am a bit 'miffed' at this - - why do they need to hide the number - - -I have only just noticed this from reading your thread. Maybe the answer is to browse your online billing thingy, find the number being dialled, presuming it is listed, then create a DUN for it. Will be doing this myself - - -if its listed on my last bill I will post - - - watch this space.
Will be browsing the ntl forums re this to see what they have to say about it.

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