NTL free broadband upgrade ?

  ray27 16:59 28 Jul 2004

Has anyone had any news on the free upgrade on NTL Broadband yet ?

It was stated that the 150kb service would be upgraded to 300kb and so on but I have not seen any evidence of it to date.

Having experienced the 150kb broadband from NTL I would like to upgrade to a faster service but I think that there are cheaper alternatives to NTL.

If NTL are upgrading for free I would wait and see if this is sufficient but if they aren’t I will shop around for a faster connection

So if anyone has any information on the subject I would be most grateful

Cheers Ray

  mole44 17:08 28 Jul 2004

for all but the 1 meg service august the first is the big day i think.i too can`t wait.

  ray27 17:24 28 Jul 2004

Many thanks I will be a bit more patient

  Smiler 18:38 28 Jul 2004
  Pesala 16:07 31 Jul 2004

Is it really going to happen? How come nobody made any more noise about this yet? Have the plans been shelved or postponed?

  Andybear 16:16 31 Jul 2004

I received my NTL bill this morning and there was nothing about in the speed increase in that. There was just a flyer, offering 150K free for 60 days. I've been on their 600k for just over a year, and it was on the bill!! I assume this is a flyer that they're sending out to everyone, irrespective of what services they have. Seems a bit daft though.

  DerekR 16:26 31 Jul 2004

Just received my NTL bill, and I have it in my hands, in black and white that the 150k goes to 300k, 600 goes to 750k and 1mb goes to 1.5mb.

Dates stated on the information leaflet on NTL headed paper states "To celebrate over 1 million customers choosing ntl broadband, we are rewarding you with an increase in speed at the same great price"

The upgrade programme starts in August and you can find out more on wclick here today.

Rather ambiguous start date, but obviously a nice bonus for free!
P.S The slight sting in the tail is the miniscule increase in the price of some of the telly packages

  Pesala 16:45 31 Jul 2004

That is why I asked.

  Pesala 16:45 31 Jul 2004

That is why I asked.

  Andybear 16:48 31 Jul 2004

I've just rung them. They've said it starts 2nd August and is being phased in over a period of weeks. I live in the Hitchin area of Hertfordshire and was told it'd go up in my area some time in September. Interesting that DerekR got the leaflet about it and I just got one asking me if I wanted to go on the 150K! I mentioned this when I was on the phone to them and was told that I would definitely get the speed increase. Apparently all the bills are sent out centrally from Nottingham so the chap I spoke to wasn't able to tell me why this happened.

  Pesala 17:29 31 Jul 2004

What puzzles me is why NTL don't let anyone know. One would have thought they would have been shouting about it a lot more to attract new customers.

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