NTL and a firewall ?

  Magik ®© 15:22 15 Aug 2004

hi...my son has just got ntl :-( anyway, does it have a built in firewall? he has win98, we have tried again and again to put the programme in "ares" , all goes in ok, but when we click on it we get the "illegal operation" box come up, i ran "sfc" and that was ok.. any ideas, if it is not being stopped by a firewall..


  pj123 15:36 15 Aug 2004

Sorry, but you haven't explained this problem very well. Is it NTL dialup or NTL broadband? I have NTL Broadband and no, there is no firewall included. You say you have "tried again and again to put the programme in "ares", what is "ares"?

I use the firewall "Outpost" as reccommended by the FE. and I have no problems. I did try Zonealarm but it caused a lot of problems so I took it off.

  Magik ®© 15:46 15 Aug 2004

sorry, yes i worded it all wrong, he is on broadband, Ares is a file sharing prog, it downloads ok and installs ok, but click on it and you get the illegal operation thingy. so i thought it might have some firewall somewhere, we are now clutching straws...


  SEASHANTY 19:34 15 Aug 2004

See that its one of the P2P downloading websites.
Perhaps NTL have blocked it on their servers due to possible piracy conflicts.
click here

  Magik ®© 19:47 15 Aug 2004

thanks, you may be right...i will bell him, pass it on, and he can think again...

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