NTL Email Box - Accessing online

  Pesala 05:48 24 Jul 2004

Anyone know if this is possible. I can see how to add new email addresses, or change my password, but I cannot see how to access my mail box. How could one delete old emails?

  Roadgiant 07:16 24 Jul 2004

Nice easy one for early in the morning,go to the NTL homepage, about halfway down on the right hand side under the ads is a heading saying webmail, underneath is a box with Email: against it enter your e-mail address for the particular account you want to access(without putting @Ntlworld.com there). Then enter password and select go.You will have to login and out for each separate account.

  Valvegrid 08:05 24 Jul 2004

Roadgiant was almost right. To actually administer you account, look a little further down the page under Your Account, under there, there is a heading called Email Options, click on it and in the next page at the top under Email options click on Add Extra Email Boxes, yes I know, a contradiction in terms, like clicking Start to close Windows! You will have to sign in under you master name, that's the first email address you signed up to NTL with.

By the way, I know you use Opera, well I couldn't get into the admins page with Opera, I had to use Firefox, it worked OK. Maybe you can tell me why? :-)

  Pesala 08:07 24 Jul 2004

I was looking click here and no way to get in from here. :(

  Valvegrid 08:12 24 Jul 2004

Sorry, just checked, to change the password it's two up from Email Options, but I'm sure you'll see it, of course follow Roadgiant advise to delete old emails.

  Pesala 08:17 24 Jul 2004

@Valvegrid: From the email options link I was unable to find any way into my inbox. I could add accounts or delete unused accounts or modify my password, but I could not find a way into my inbox. Perhaps you would tell me how if it is possible.

The reason this came up is that someone on the Opera forum asked how to get around the problem of friends sending large attachments when he was on dialup. I advised him that he could stop M2 from fetching the email (Opera shows the progress % in the email Panel), then log in to his email server to check the mail online before deciding to download the attachment or not. That is when I discovered that I didn't know how to do this for my NTL account, as I seldom use it.

  Valvegrid 08:25 24 Jul 2004

Roadgiant is right for accessing you mailboxes, but to administer the account you have to use the headings under Your Account.

Do you have any idea why I couldn't get into administer my accounts after entering my password using Opera please? Its no big deal because I used Firefox instead, just curious that's all. It might have something to do with me running Xandros Linux instead.

  Pesala 09:35 24 Jul 2004

Try identify as Opera instead of identify as MSIE6. Popup blocking makes no difference. If you still have problems, post on the Opera forum. Someone will probably be able to solve the problem.

  Andybear 13:05 24 Jul 2004

Go to ntlworld.com Click on the 'Services' menu, then 'Webmail'. This will take you to the log-in page. Enter your email address and password. You will then get to your emails. I was without my PC for three weeks till last Wednesday due to hard drive problems and was able to access my emails via a friend's PC in this way.

  Valvegrid 13:47 24 Jul 2004

That worked, thanks.


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