Is NTL doing us right ?

  Derek 07:16 14 Jan 2005

Is NTL doing anything at all about the filth that keeps coming to us in emails plus other unwanted material.
I was under the impression that by now we would have seen an improvement in mail transfer from servers, in fact an article in mid 2004 said this was being 'researched'.

Experiences please not just from NTL clients but others too, then we can compare.

  john-232317 08:28 14 Jan 2005

I have an account with Telefonica in backward Spain and have never had any spam at all. Get NTL to give them a call to find out how to do it. ;-))

  Chris the Ancient 09:30 14 Jan 2005

An interesting thread.

I'm with ntl as well and I did think for a while, after their promise of better filtering, that things improved a bit.

But, now you mention it, it seems to have gone back to 'the old days' again.

Perhaps their filters were not up to the job...


Perhaps their filters were too good and they were getting too many complaints of legitimate mails not getting through!

I wonder.

Thank goodness I have mailwasher and can do filtering of what *I* do or do not want.

  Graham ® 09:38 14 Jan 2005

Since joining PlusNet last October, I haven't had any spam. The email address is in the format

'[email protected]'

The spammers' engines cannot generate that format, too many variables.

  Daibus 10:24 14 Jan 2005

I am also in Spain as dadyassa is and my ISP is a company called and I get absolutely nothing nasty far, touch wood!

I am careful about giving out my address but I understand that the ISP does operate a spam filter system as well as an anti-virus and I suppose I'll have to say that it seems to work.

From a not so backward Spain ...maybe?

I am also with NTL and have been with them for years. The spam email has got worse and worse, their so called spam filters must be turned off!!! With my hotmail account i dont get any spam at all.Thank goodness i use Incredimail with my accounts so alot of the spam goes straight into 'Junk and Unapproved' Come on NTL pull your fingers out!!!!

  SEASHANTY 15:50 14 Jan 2005

On NTL broadband for 2 years now. Never get any spam emails. Perhaps because I use Mozilla Mail as the default.

  octal 16:32 14 Jan 2005

It's really curious, I've been with them for years and never had one spam email on either of my accounts. Whereas others seem to get lots. I just wonder if sometime in the past the people who are receiving lots of spam have bought items off the Internet from overseas were there's no restriction on selling on your email to the highest bidder.

  Alan H E 16:36 14 Jan 2005

On NTLfor just over a year - no spam to date!

  Derek 16:40 14 Jan 2005

...and thankyou for the contribtions so far, please may I see more and then someone might suggest a good and firm action plan ?

What does our master think ?

Kind regards Derek Miles

  octal 17:04 14 Jan 2005

I don't think there's much you can do, apart from just keep deleting them, changing your email address occasionally which is probably a real pain, or manage them using something like Mailwasher click here

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