NTL, Dlink & network problems

  y_not 18:57 16 Jul 2005

Hi, Thanks for reading this.

I am using a Dlink DI-624 router to share my NTL broadband connection between three PC's & a wireless laptop.

All have been working fine for the past year until yesterday when, without any changes or additions being made the error message started ""No network connection available".

I use a mapped drive which I have lost connection with. I have purchased a new Dlink router today (identical to the original) and tried that but still have the same error message. The lights on the Dlink all flash (as normal) and then suddenly all except the power light go off as the unit seems to be resetting itself.

I have successfully connected to the internet by removing the cable from modem to router and connection direct to this PC which suggests that the problem is on the router side rather than the modem?

Can anyone offer any assistance/advice, please?

Many thanks


  mgmcc 20:20 16 Jul 2005

You don't say how the three PCs connect to the router (wired or wireless) but, if wired, is it possible that a network adapter in one of the PCs has failed and this is corrupting the entire network?

Have you tried using the router with individual PCs connected to it rather than the complete network?

  y_not 21:35 16 Jul 2005

mgmcc, thanks for the reply.

I tried your suggestion of disconnecting each PC in turn (yes, three are wired) and it appeared to make no difference.

In desperation I tried a reboot of the modem, router and all PC's and ... Bingo!!

I don't understand it but they are all working again - question now is will PCW take the unwanted router back???

Many thanks for your advice - I don't understand what happened but it achieved the end result I was looking for - have a great weekend (or whatrs left of it!)


  Taff36 23:02 16 Jul 2005

In my experience with a variety of routers, wireless or otherwise, when they suddenly stop working always but always, turn them off at the mains. Leave them for 5 minutes and plug `em back in - but I guess you know that now!

PCW will take the new one back providing the packaging hasn`t been damaged and even if it has they probably will anyway.

  y_not 07:08 17 Jul 2005

Many thanks for your reply and yes I now reaslise that the first thing to do is switch off rather than reboot.

Guess I just hate the few minutes wait!

Fingers crossed for PCW ... will be taking it back (undamaged packaging) on Monday evening.


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