NTL dial up e-mail problem

  ray27 10:17 22 Jun 2003

I am using OutlookExpress on Windows XP Home and I am having problems receiving NTL flat rate dial up e-mail.
When I go to the inbox I get the authorising notification in the status bar but after that it hangs on that and the box pops up stating that my POP3 MAIL PROVIDER IS NOT RESPONDING WAIT OR STOP etc.

I click on the wait and after three or four times it may then proceeded to checking mail and receiving mail or inform me that there are no new messages.

I know there are messages waiting as I have sent them to myself.

It appears to store up the messages and then release them after two or three days.

This has been going on for about three weeks and NTL say that there was a problem but now they say it has been corrected but I am still getting the same problem.

I have since signed up with MSN and have no problem with their e-mail but I would like to know if anybody else is suffering from the same sort of problem so that I can take it further

  Pusherman 10:46 22 Jun 2003

I use NTL (£10 a month for the 0800 dial-up) and I am having now problems at all. Are you using pop.ntlworld.com for your incoming mail and smtp.ntlworld.com for outgoing? I am and as I said, I'm having no trouble at all.

I realise that's not much help but I thought I'd let you know :0)


  Nellie2 11:22 22 Jun 2003

Have you actually tried accessing your web mail on line? I had a problem yesterday and I couldn't even get into my on line mail box. There is an issue see click here but unfortunately the link for updates to the problem doesn't work!! Why am I not surprised.

BTW..... my mail is ok now

  ray27 12:10 22 Jun 2003

everything is set up ok and until three weeks ago I had no problems .
I have just come back on line to check for responses to my posting and it has been stuck on the authorising bit for about 20 mins and is still like this now

  jon2 12:11 22 Jun 2003

ntl have been haveing trouble with email servers but I do think that they have cleared that up now

  ray27 14:09 22 Jun 2003

Thanks everyone for your suggestions

It?s still not receiving mail.

I created another account using the details provided by NTL and tried that but it still performs the same way

I have an account with MSN but that is set up in MSN Explorer and not Outlook Express and that works fine.

If I could set up the MSN account to work in outlook express then that will tell me if it is NTL or Outlook but unfortunately I don?t have the popmail or smpt info.

Has anyone got this?

  ray27 18:56 22 Jun 2003

I will post another thread as this one has changed the outcome

  accord 22:46 22 Jun 2003


Im on NTL BB and my email account was playing up for about 3 weeks until i phoned tech Support and the guy changed my email server. its been fine since.

give them a call and get them to do the same for you. apparently there is one email server which they are/were having problems with.

  ray27 15:27 23 Jun 2003

Thanks for the tip I did as you sugested and they seem to have fixed the problem (fingers crossed )
Many thanks once again for the help

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