NTL connection speed

  beattyben 09:37 28 Feb 2004

Can anyone out there help, how can I check the speed of my NTL Broadband connection. I'm being billed for a 600k conection but things aren't working that fast.I recall that someone recently posted a free phone number to NTL services, I would be grateful for any advice on this matter!!
Thanks in anticipation

  anon1 09:58 28 Feb 2004

Try click here
but what makes you suspicious? I had ntl 1mb a while ago but found it unreliable. If you have doubts ask ntl to check the balance of your connection. A friend of mine once found that after ntl installed other connections in his local area his speed went down until they "balanced" the line.

  beattyben 10:40 28 Feb 2004

I've contacted NTL and they gave me a website where I could check the connection speeds for myself, surprisingly it gave excellent results. however everything still feels sluggish!!What broadband ISP would you recommend?

  anon1 12:36 28 Feb 2004

I am not saying NTL is bad. One thing I did find useful on ntl was that you can set up proxy servers using some of their own servers in other area eg dublin. If you chat nicely to one of the tech guys I am sure he will give you the details you may even be able to find them on ntl pages

  basell 12:41 28 Feb 2004

NTL use this speed checker when they came to my house to check the broadband.
click here

  beattyben 17:14 28 Feb 2004

Thanks that's the website they gave me at NTL, I presume that it gives accurate results and that the slow down on my PC is being caused by something else.

  pinka 17:41 28 Feb 2004

i had a problem with mine a while back. (also on ntl 600k) someone suggested to me that it would be due to our area being flooded with students at the time and the contention ratio had changed, but it did soon return to normal speed. (72kB/s is about the best i get) so id just give them a ring and maybe itll get them to deal with it a little quicker.

  basell 17:52 28 Feb 2004

NTL told me that the slowdown is due to a problem with their UBR’s and cable size at their end. I was given a refund because of the slow service.

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