NTL connection problem

  Isgraig 22:17 24 Mar 2003

I have a PC with an Athlon XP1600+ processor running Windows XP Pro and IE6. My ISP is NTL World on a DUN connection and I open IE after I get the message that NTL is connected after clicking on the “Dial” button on the NTLWorld window.
I use the web a few times each day and usually disconnect before the two-hour time period has expired to avoid being cut-off.
I can get online up to around 5-6 times consecutively throughout the day like this with no problem until around the seventh time I open IE I get the “This page cannot be displayed” page. The page has the usual “cannot find server” and “DNS error” at the bottom. Once this has happened, no matter what I do I cannot pull up the NTL homepage or any webpages from my favourites folder – the “this page cannot be displayed” remains onscreen. Typing in an address in the address bar also has no effect. Neither is closing and re-opening IE.
The only way out is to close the connection and reboot after which I can get online again for around 5-6 times, then I’m back to square one.
It’s all getting a bit tedious and NTL have not replied to my emails to technical support. In any case, they have a policy of not offering support if they think it may be a software problem and I don’t know either way. The installed modem is an Intel 56K HaM type and I’ve never had a problem with it.

  Sketch 01:17 25 Mar 2003

NTL's technical support is non-existent.

We cancelled the TV and phone package 6 months ago yet they still tried to take the money from the account. We barred NTL from taking money from the account, they sent a nasty letter saying they'd take us to court for using services and not paying for them!

They don't know their arse from their elbow.
(Apology's to all those offended, but its true!)

From personal experience, 56k NTL is shocking. Always busy. A complete waste of money. Of course, due to the above warblings I'm probably biased.

Go BT Broadband. Its currently cheap. Its veh veh fast. And primarilly, you pay for a service you can use.

Go on treat yourself. ;-)


  bow1 08:25 25 Mar 2003

Try deleting your temp internet files.

  flobby 09:17 25 Mar 2003

Hi isgraig.
Why not change to broadband with NTL.
It is only £14.99 for 128kbs and you will not ever get cut off ( unless you download more than 1,000mb per day)
Cheers, Flobby

  TBH1 12:31 25 Mar 2003

Isgraig - - I use ntl dial-up and have very few problems. Have a look here click here for help and support, like I've told other people on this forum, despite the name there are some clever and helpfull people there.

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