NTL Cable modem to PC - By-passing Router

  gmh 13:39 13 Mar 2007

I have to by-pass our home-network router and have a direct link from the NTL Cable Modem to my PC in order to convince NTL that it is not the router that is causing the very slow download speeds I am getting (average 2 -3Mb/s for a 10Mb/s link!) The change of cabling is easy (Cable from modem to ethernet socket in PC and no link from router to PC), but my PC won't connect to the Internet. Re-starting the PC makes no difference. As soon as I revert to the original cabling (cable from modem to router, cables from router to both PC's on network)I am connected again to the Internet and the home network.
How do I "tell" my PC that it is not using the router?

  Bazz2000 15:05 13 Mar 2007

reboot ur cable modem

  gmh 17:00 13 Mar 2007

Thanks, Bazz2000 - that did the trick!
I'm now in communication with Ntl (or as they now are, VirginMedia) who agree my download speed is slow, but say it is because I have too many background processes using up the bandwidth.

  uesquebeathus 17:08 13 Mar 2007

quote "because I have too many background processes using up the bandwidth"
is very suspicious to say the least, have you any idea what they are?
what are your security products running on your computer?
you should have a firewall up and running, and also anti spyware, anti virus and they should be allowed to update themselves, few other software should be on running enough to fill your bandwidth.

  gmh 17:31 13 Mar 2007

The chap had me start up the pc in safe mode, then run "netstat" (from Start, cmd)
and around 20 or so processes? came up.
when I run netstat in normal mode I only get a few.
I run Ntl's netguard (firewall, anti-virus/spyware etc), and have Skype and MSN Messenger on - I have as yet no idea what the other processes are. I was advised to phone a 0906 number to get help, which I am loathe to do.
I did find the bandwidth excuse peculiar - the processes must in theory be using up over 6Mb/s!!!
It is very difficult talking to an Indian accent, so the whole phone process took a long time.

  keef66 17:35 13 Mar 2007

I'm also very suspicious. Background applications won't use bandwidth unless they are downloading something. On my pc only AVG antivirus and Windows itself update automatically.

Unless of course you have P2P software running, which could take up bandwidth in both directions.

  gmh 18:11 13 Mar 2007

No - I don't have any P2P software running.

  Bazz2000 19:04 13 Mar 2007

hmm sounds a bit sus about the bandwidth though.
I think you should look at "xdcc bots" on google, this may be an answer as to where ur bandwidth is going

  birdface 20:11 13 Mar 2007

If you have Ntl package including phone.You dial 150 and phone calls are free.You could tell them you are not happy with what you have got,And you will cancel if they dont get it fixed,They are looking for customers and dont want to loose any that they have,Ask them to send an engineer out to test your line,Just give them a little push in the right direction,When I had the engineer out I told him that they had checked this and that on line,And I was told that they could not do that on line ,So I had wasted 2 months with no chance of getting it fixed,So tell them you want an engineer out as soon as possible.When engineer came to my house he was on the computer for about 1 minute, Went outside to the cable box on my wall.Replaced a filter.And that was it fixed,2-3 months of phone calls, a waste of time.

  gmh 20:27 13 Mar 2007

Thanks buteman - I'll get my husband on to that tomorrow - male voices always work better.
And thanks Bazz2000 - I'll follow up your suggestion.

  gmh 11:01 14 Mar 2007

Thanks buteman - engineer coming tomorrow to replace the modem! The chap we spoke to on the phone did a download test and showed the modem was losing data - it was around 1Mb/s during the test. Will let you know how the new modem does.

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