ntl cable modem and Belkin router

  Kazzabeee 22:19 18 Jan 2007

I'm having problems with my wireless network. My desktop PC is connected to the router via ethernet cable and I've got built-in wireless on my laptop. The connection between the cable modem and the router keeps dropping so I unplug the router, plug it in again and the connection will work for a few minutes then drops again.

The cable modem works fine when connected direct to my PC.

Any help/guidance will be greatly appreciated. I know I should ring ntl for help but cannot face being connected to their call centre as I have rung them up in the past and just wasted telephone calls.

Many thanks in anticipation.


  Haplessmart 23:15 18 Jan 2007

Yes I had a similiar problem with my ntl cable modem and BT router. I rang their helpline too and was on a good hour and following their advice got it working in a fashion but if I had both laptop and desktop working at the same time one or the other would drop the connection.
Eventually frustrated at this I took the damn router back to PC world who advised me (and this is my advice to you, if its applicable)that on some ntl modems they will have both usb & ethernet sockets, in any event the usb cable should be totally disconnected as the flow of internet traffic will always preferably select this route over any other?? So they say. Still I tried it when I got back and hey presto it worked. BUT I AM NO EXPERT SO READ THE ABOVE WITH CAUTION.

  Kazzabeee 16:43 19 Jan 2007

I've never connected my modem via usb - I've always used ethernet.

I'm still at a loss why the connection keeps dropping. I've tried connecting my laptop via ethernet cable to one of the 3 ports on the back of the router and I still have the same problem.

The cable modem works fine when it is connected directly to my desktop PC.


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