ntl cable modem

  preston 16:06 19 Apr 2004

i have tried to install ntl broadband for my sister, alls fine till we get to the point of connecting to ntl broadband. we get an error message that says (error:148 - 2 network adaptors in system and both are configured with DHCP but neither can renew an IP address). what does this mean?.
having trouble getting through to ntl.

  AndySD 18:18 19 Apr 2004

How is the network set up.... eg are you using a router or a switch or is the modem connected to one pc then the other pc connects to the internet through this pc?

  duckers 18:57 19 Apr 2004

Sounds like your trying to connect both computers to the box somehow without using a router.... .. . ?

  SEASHANTY 20:50 19 Apr 2004

Check out the information on Robin Walkers website.
You have to register the MAC address of the main
PC connected to the NTL server.
click here

  preston 00:57 20 Apr 2004

the problem i have is that i do not have a network,it is only one computer, which i am connecting to the modem, i don't understand why it is telling me about network adaptors,as i am not networked

  pete-290318 01:38 20 Apr 2004

make sure that internet connection sharing is not enabled .... that really mucks registering to ntl up. It took me, 2 ntl engineers and a couple of new modems to work that out. The message received was similar to what you are describing and disabling it sorted the problem ... thought it worth checking.

  accord 07:07 20 Apr 2004

this might sound silly but have you phoned NTL technical support???? 0845 650 0121

  accord 07:17 20 Apr 2004

Just a thought..... how are you connecting your cable modem to the pc, USB or Ethernet. I would recommend using ethernet as the USB is not as stable. If you dont have an ethernet port then a PCI card is approx £10, plus it frees up a USB port.

  SEASHANTY 10:52 20 Apr 2004

On the NTL Helpline there is a freephone number to call if you encounter any cable modem errors when attempting to register with NTL. The number is
0800 052 4315 See this NTL help page :-
click here

  keith-236785 11:10 20 Apr 2004

open network connections, right click on the network adapter you are connecting the modem to.

scroll down to tcp/ip

click properties, then make sure you select

obtain an ip address automatically & obtain DNS server address automatically.

then shutdown pc and on rebooting, try to install your modem again.

that should work but if not, goto device manager, click Network Adapters, choose the one you are connecting to, double click it.

in the next box, click the advanced tab, in the box on the right, choose 100 half mode, thats what i had to do last week to get my NTL broadband onto Ethernet connection.

hope this sorts it out for you, took me about an hour, kept getting the same message you have been getting, then all of a sudden Hey presto it worked.

good luck

  preston 21:56 21 Apr 2004

thanks guys for your help. as its my sisters ntl connection i wont be able to get to her till the weekend. i'll report back to let all know if it gets resolved successfully.

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