NTL Cable Broadband Networking

  Grr... 14:52 02 Nov 2005

Hi everybody, I currently have one computer running NTL Cable broadband via a box that plugs into the USB drive, I have now bought another computer and want to connect it up, one computer is upstairs, one is down. What would be the best way, and how would i go about doing it, cheers.Ryan

  ijit 21:31 02 Nov 2005

Hi - You will need to have a router of some sort connected to your NTL modem (best via the ethernet cable). The choice is wireless or not wireless:

Not wireless: the router will have several ethernet ports, and using two (long?) cables, you connect each computer to the router. The computers will need ethernet cards (often comes as standard, if not they cost about £10). This probably means having cables running up the stairs - but you could also consider running them outside the house (like TV ariel cables) - or under floorboards etc.

Wireless: You will need a wireless router (though it connects by wire to the NTL modem!). This is more expensive, as are the wireless cards your computers will probably need (unless they are already wireless capable - as with centrino laptops). Two I have tried that work well are the US Robotics 8054 and the Apple Airport Extreme Base Station (the former is cheaper, the latter sexier - both work). Many others will work too, but I believe you don't want an ADSL modem - any stockist will tell you which ones can be used.

Hope that helps.

  Strawballs 21:40 02 Nov 2005

The unofficial NTL website click here recomend the linlsys routers and are more than willing to help out and many of the members work for ntlworld

  Strawballs 21:41 02 Nov 2005

oops linksys

  escoline 18:12 04 Nov 2005

I have NTL broadband via set-top box. Tried the Linksys wireless bundle but connection/signal problems were too frequent to put up with. I now use Home Plug adaptors which connect to any power point and use your existing mains circuit to carry the signal, BRILLIANT!
Try click here

  Strawballs 19:49 05 Nov 2005

I admit that home plug system does look good but I have a linksys wireless router which has worked faultless.

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