NTL Broadband Wireless Connection

  CarlMeads 15:05 02 May 2006

I want to have a wireless internet connection. I can have ntl broadband but what hardware would I require to pull this off?

  Aargh 15:58 02 May 2006

A Cable/DSL router to plug into your cable connection. Then an ethernet cable to connect a PC to your router, then wireless adapters to connect any additional computers.

  CarlMeads 16:36 02 May 2006

I thought the idea of wireless was to have no cable that connects your wireless router to your pc. my broadband point is in the living room and my pc is in the cellar, I want to connect without any cables trailing down to the cellar.

  Aargh 17:32 02 May 2006

In that case find a router that connects to your cable connection and use wireless for all your PC's. You may need to connect a PC by cable initially to set up though.

  ade.h 17:58 02 May 2006

"You may need to..."

Yes, you certainly will, and whenever making subsequent changes that affect the wireless settings. if you are unable or unwilling to position the router near to a desktop, Ethernet ports on laptops come into their own for this.

  keewaa 22:27 02 May 2006

Something like this click here and this click here

  CarlMeads 11:20 03 May 2006

So to confirm I would definitely need cabling one way or another connected to the pc ?

  mgmcc 11:56 03 May 2006

<<< I would definitely need cabling one way or another connected to the pc? >>>

Yes, but only for the initial configuration. A network cable should be supplied with the router and, as you have Cable broadband, you should be able to configure the router and its wireless settings without it being connected to the Cable Modem. Place the router beside the PC, connect it and configure it, make sure your "wireless" connection is working reliably and then move the router back to beside the modem and use it wirelessly.

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