NTL broadband, using another cptr.

  anniesboy68 19:03 05 Feb 2004

Is it possible to disconnect my existing broadband connection with my main cptr [on ethernet] and plug in another cptr and use it for a while, say, to download updates,etc. I do not want to go to the expense of wireless networking. And can one purchase extensions for ethernet leads??

  mosfet 21:05 05 Feb 2004

Yes I do this.I think tho that there is a limit on the length of ethernet cables....Les.

  Wak 21:27 05 Feb 2004

Just out of interest, when they installed my NTL B/B, they sent me a 30 metre length of cable which I used to go from the set top box in one room to the computer in another room.
I use the full 30 metres with the unused cable coiled up under the desk.
If there is a limit to the length used then it must be over 30 metres.

  anniesboy68 15:18 06 Feb 2004

Wak. is that the ethernet cable or the main very thick lead from outside

  anniesboy68 15:19 06 Feb 2004

Les2.... Thanks.

  anniesboy68 15:48 06 Feb 2004

OK so far. Will I upset any settings relating to my main computer if I take the ethernet cable out, and plug in the cable from the second cptr. Excuse what seems a simple question, as I do not want any problems here or with NTL.

  anniesboy68 15:57 06 Feb 2004

No, the link wasn't there when I posted, will look now Thanx

  SEASHANTY 15:59 06 Feb 2004

Your main PC will have been registered with NTL.
The cable modem will only recognise the 12 character
MAC address (physical address) of the ethernet card in your main PC. The ethernet card in your other PC
will have a different MAC address and it will not be
recognised by the NTL modem. You can get around this by connecting your other PC to the main PC via crossover cat5 cable and using your main PC as an internet gateway. You will need another ethernet
LAN card fitted tho to the main PC to do this.
Otherwise just use a 4 port router (around £40) and
clone the originally registered MAC address of the main PC into the router. That way you can also use
either PC to connect to the internet without having to have the other PC powered up.

  anniesboy68 16:08 06 Feb 2004

Bela thanks have read and more or less understood, can be done. Incidentally, how do you get those bits and pieces over your name?

  SEASHANTY 16:09 06 Feb 2004

To see just how easy it all is using a wired router such as the Linksys BEFSR41 which I use to connect
two PC's to the internet on NTL 600k BB follow the
Linksys wizard setup for this router. You don't need anything to see how it works. Just click on the link and then on "if you agree click here to start"
click here

  anniesboy68 16:19 06 Feb 2004

SEASHANTY I do not want to go to that trouble just for a few minutes every so often to download updates etc. Thanks for the input though. The link earlier in the post says it can be done however.

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