NTL Broadband & USB

  PC 14:55 06 Jan 2003
  PC 14:55 06 Jan 2003

Went onto NTL Broadband over month ago, using their cable modem. Very good except keeps dropping connection. They have suggested its our USB driver as USB light goes out, and works OK when reboot PC or cable modem. USB printer also loses connection (has done this for some time if left on for hours). But what do I do to get it sorted? I am on Win 98SE, USB uses Intel82371AB/EB PCI to USB host controller (if that means anything!)

  recap 15:03 06 Jan 2003

Take a look in your Device Manager to see if there are any conflicts PC.

To get to Device Manager:

Start/Settings/Control Panel/System/Device Manager/USB Controllers right click each controller in turn and select Properties from here you can see what drivers you have and update drivers if necessary.

  Legolas 15:08 06 Jan 2003

I had NTL broadband and connected using usb the conection was ok but I discovered that my modem and my scanner(also a usb connection) would not work together so I bought a network card for about £12 and connected my modem through that after doing this I had no more problems.

  WaTcHiNg 15:12 06 Jan 2003

Have you tried playing a DVD with the USB dongle connected to broadband? Just been to a fault where customer was getting jerky playback (nothing to do with him watching naughty films) and only way to resolve quickly was to take out the USB network connector. No conflicts or anything in Dev Mgr either.

One for another day...

  PC 15:12 06 Jan 2003

No conflicts - where do I get any new drivers from? Could not make head nor tail of Intel site

  recap 16:01 06 Jan 2003

PC follow the instructions above and you will see a button named "Update Driver"

  Vidman 16:04 06 Jan 2003

Have you still got your modem card in your computer? If so try removing it, I had a problem with slow connection whem first using NTL Broadband. Could have other effects on different computers.Worth a try you don't need it now.

  BrianW 16:15 06 Jan 2003

Agree with Legolas, started with NTL BB + USB, nothing but lock-ups, loss of resources etc. Changed to NIC and removed all reference to the USB connection - end of problems.

  jazzypop 16:46 06 Jan 2003

The NTL cable modems work much better when connected via an RJ45 ethernet cable to a network card. I have now changed several of these from USB to ethernet - takes about 10 minutes, instant improvement.

  Andÿ 18:00 06 Jan 2003

How to change from USB to Ethernet click here

P.S. the "(courtesy of Andy)" is nothing to do with me especially if it goes wrong :o) LOL

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