ntl broadband update

  squashman 01:36 18 Mar 2005

have been on 750 service for some time, wich has been excellent. It should now be upgraded to 2mb, which when I check with customer service they say it has, which it hasn't. Tech support say it should have been but locally may not have been started! I am in wiltshire area. anyone else any ideas please?

  Clint2 06:47 18 Mar 2005

Do you receive your Broadband from a set top box or a cable modem?

  PUNKA 08:06 18 Mar 2005

Are you sure about this, only I am with Blueyonder and the deal here put it up from 750 to 1MB for free. not as you say to 2MB.??Alternatively if you have paid for the 2MB service contact the online support tool and they will do it for you online.hth.

  Andsome 08:51 18 Mar 2005

I get NTL broadband with a cable modem. I telephoned them a few days ago and asked when the upgrades were due. The operator upgraded me there and then from 750KB to 2MB. All he asked me to do was to reboot. I have since run a speed test and get an average speed of 1933KB

  Zaphod Beeblebrox 08:57 18 Mar 2005

looking at this it seems to be the case click here
im with blueyonder as well here's hoping they follow suit

  squashman 09:31 18 Mar 2005

have cable modem

Andsome,yes I did as you did and they upgraded at theier end but locally there is no incrase, still at around 690kb. Are you in my area?

  lisa02 10:13 18 Mar 2005

I was on 1.5 meg last month (£37.99), changed to 750k(24.99) which was then upt to 2 meg at no extra charge. Bill came thru this morning for £23 credit.....no payment due.

  PUNKA 11:37 18 Mar 2005

I have been onto Blueyonder and told them about the offer on NTL. they have no plans to upgrade for free and if you want it it will cost us £16.00 per month more.I told them they can get s@"$%^d if they think this charlie is going to pay that, and when I complained customer services kindly upgraded me for free. HA HA the customer is king.

P.S. try it.

  SEASHANTY 15:17 18 Mar 2005

Upgraded from 750 to 2MB online this morning on NTL website. Have the silver colour NTL:home standalone cable modem (made by Ambit International). In Gtr. Manchester area. I tried this upgrade three days ago but it wouldn't work. Previous recent PCA thread on NTL upgrade is here
click here

  SEASHANTY 15:18 18 Mar 2005

....also please note the previous thread spans two

  accord 16:35 18 Mar 2005

i upgraded from 750 to 2meg the other week.

click here click on your modem ie cable or set top box and follow the instructions. The modem updates itself about 10 mins later.

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