NTL broadband sharing

  rigo_los_nosnos 16:31 21 Aug 2003

I have an NTL connection and want to share it over the house so I bought an origo BBR-1400 router. The internet works fine when the router is connected to the main computers modem but not when the router is connected to the broadband modem. (similar problem in pc advisor issue 98 p.146 but not wireless networking). I called NTL and asked if I could register the new MAC but they said they cant do that. Also the clone feature does not seem to work. Please help me!

  Smiler 19:33 21 Aug 2003

What do you mean does not seem to work. Have followed this proceedure click here

  rigo_los_nosnos 22:14 21 Aug 2003

I have followed those guide lines, what i mean is that my aim is to have internet around the house while the main computer is off, which you probably know. When I attach the cable modem to the router this won't happen. When I try to clone the MAC address, the web page refreshes and the old MAC address remains in the boxes and when I look at the MAC details, they still show the old MAC address? any clearer? I hope so!

  rigo_los_nosnos 22:22 21 Aug 2003

Oh and by the way, the MAC address on the bottom of the cable modem is 00-D0-59-F7-17 and so is the MAC address registered on my NTL details, but the MAC address shown using ipconfig /all is 00-D0-59-F7-55-16. Not sure if this is a problem or if it helps.

  Smiler 17:48 22 Aug 2003

Cant help you any further perhaps someone else out there has some ideas

  rigo_los_nosnos 12:29 23 Aug 2003

Why does it matter about USB, we didn't have a network card when it was installed and was connected via USB, what shall I do???

  SEASHANTY 12:51 23 Aug 2003

Check out this info on Robin walkers NTL Homepage listed click here

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