THE TERMINATOR 00:11 17 Feb 2005

Hi chaps, I see the Tips & Tricks keep rolling in. Anyway I have a friend who has a 350Mhz P2 and has just got NTL bb. He has told me that if he boots up and plugs in his usb modem everything works fine, but if he plugs in his usb modem then boots up...well that's his problem, his pc won't boot up, it just stops at the black screen before the splash screen comes up. Has anybody any ideas or experinces of this prob. By the way I don't know what make the modem is....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 00:27 17 Feb 2005


  THE TERMINATOR 15:38 19 Feb 2005

Oh well, here's one that got the better.

  Wak 16:12 19 Feb 2005

Have you tried the NTL web site for assistance??

  THE TERMINATOR 16:42 19 Feb 2005

I don't know. My friend who has the modem on his dads PC is on holiday, I was just hoping that someone may have experienced the same so I could pass something on, as his dad lives 60 miles away.

  THE TERMINATOR 16:44 19 Feb 2005

I did tell my friend to go to the web site and see if there are any updates, but that was before he went on his hols....TT

  THE TERMINATOR 16:48 19 Feb 2005

Thanks for replying Wak, I suppose I will have to go to his dads house and sort it, as my friend is not technically gifted....TT

  Alan H E 18:58 19 Feb 2005

Has he got Broadband Medic (download from NTL site)? It may show what is going on. Also if its through set top box try rebooting the box.

  THE TERMINATOR 19:54 19 Feb 2005

Thanks Alan H E, I will mention that to my friend the next time I see him....TT

  hugh-265156 21:13 19 Feb 2005

ntl modems should also have an ethernet connection, try that maybe instead of usb.

might help.

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