ntl broadband medic

  mobileman1953 17:20 04 Apr 2004

hi all just asking if anyone has tried downloading broadband medic from ntl , if your on ntl broadband that is , when i tried to download it i got a error message and it would not install, has anyone else had problems, i e mailed ntl with the error message code but have got no reply as yet

  BRYNIT 17:38 04 Apr 2004

Just down loaded it with no problems, may look at it later

  Pesala 18:24 04 Apr 2004

First it downloaded WinQualifier.exe which just seems to test your system to see if you have the necessary hardware available. That took a couple of minutes: filetime stamp: 17:53

After passing that test, it downloaded bbminst.exe, filetime stamp: 17:55, which, when I ran it manually, proceeded to download 11.6 Mbytes in three files to C:\windows\temp\ntl\broadband medic\Chorus
That took 20 minutes on 150K broadband. Aprogram then started automatically, and informed me I could run it from a desktop icon or from my system tray (yuck, don't you just hate programs that start up every time you load Windows whether you need them or not? Let's hope that can be removed.)

On running for the first time, BB Medic started "Downloading local content from server..." (7,000,379 bytes). This process took about another 7 minutes, and then extracted the data from the archive.

When all was done I had a Window open saying, "Broadband Medic is loading ... please wait." I decided not to wait any longer since nothing was happening, so I closed the window. I'll have another look and post again.

  hugh-265156 18:32 04 Apr 2004

correct connect anyone?

shudder :-)

  Pesala 19:01 04 Apr 2004

On running BB Medic again, it ran a brief introductory tour, which you can turn off or run again easily. It takes only two or three minutes.

The program itself is quite slow to load, more than 20 seconds on my 1 Ghz AMD Athlon. If the quick tour is turned off, you are presented with three options in a window:

1. I have a problem or need assistance: • I cannot connect or browse the internet • My service is slow • Other browser questions • I cannot send or receive email • other email questions

2. House-keeping: • create additional email accounts • Restore internet home page • empty recycle bin • Delete my temporary internet files (cache) • Delete my cookies • View our online Server status page • View my enquires • Update details of the broadband connection device I am using

3. Frequently asked questions and tutorials: • Connection problems (I get "page not found errors", when I try to connect to the internet) • Email assistance (I get error messages trying to connect to the SMTP server or have password problems) • General FAQ • Web browser assistance

I choose the option "My service is slow" and a short test was run on my connection. It suggested clearing my internet cache (I skipped). It tested again. My connection dropped during this (as it often does), and I was asked to check to see if my cables were connected (they were). I unplugged the modem and plugged it in again to re-establish a connection. The program then told me to do precisely that.

Three more options were offered after completing the test:

1. See my internet connection working (goes to an NTL page about BB Medic

2. I need further assistance from an online technical advisor (sorry all our technical support assistants are busy at the moment, please try later).

3. Exit Broadband medic.

Conclusions: I just spent an hour to learn precisely nothing, and to get no help at all. Not impressed so far. I don't see this doing much to help resolve the problems with NTL. It is more friendly than Correct Connect, but I was looking for is something that would measure the strength of the signal or the speed of the connection. It is little more than a diversion tactic to stop people ringing technical support as soon as their connection drops.

It is too early to say whether direct support will prove any easier than telephone support. In theory it will be much more convenient, as well as being free (I have no landline). Let us wait and see what it is like when the system gets up and running with a substantial percentage of NTL's 1 million customers using it.

  mobileman1953 19:09 04 Apr 2004

thanks pesala dont think i will bother for now

  hugh-265156 19:11 04 Apr 2004

to get info on your signal etc Pesala if you have an ntl 100 cable modem click here (password and userrname = root)

the analyzer and optomizer click here and click here made things nice and zippy for me.

  SEASHANTY 20:01 04 Apr 2004

On NTL 600k BB for last 18 months. No problems. Why
would I need this programme? Will not be installing
and as I use Mozilla browser and seldom visit the NTL Homepage I wasn't even aware of this until I read this posting.

  Pesala 20:27 04 Apr 2004

but too technical for me. I was hoping that BB Medic would do those kind of diagnostic tests, explain the results, and what to do to tweak your connection.

The best help I came across so far was in the tutorial explaining what the modem lights are, and how to change to ethernet. This also explains why my connection is slow. I gets speeds of no more than 77 kbs where the theoretical maximum is 150 kbs. This apparently could be better with a faster PC or ethernet connection. Maybe worth trying the latter.

The usual advice is: if it ain't broke, don't fix it. If you do have problems, BB Medic might help. I've already removed it from my Startup group and my desktop. I can run it from my program menu if I need to.

  VoG II 20:32 04 Apr 2004

Blueyonder do something similar "Instant Support Tool" which is downoadable and I also received as a CD.

When starting to install it seemed to want to remake the connection details etc. At that point I chickened out and hit Cancel. If anything ever does go wrong I know where the CD is!

  March Hare 23:37 04 Apr 2004


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