NTL Broadband Installation

  Sunny-275842 23:12 19 Mar 2003

hi everyone ive got a question to those who have ntl broadband WITHOUT the Set top box, who uses the cable modem.

i want to know how they set it up since i dont have the set top box, and i only want broadband with ntl. i know how the BB (broadband) is set up with the set top box, but im planning to get BB with the cable modem and i want to know what or the installation process is.

1.first do they have to dig any part of the street up to cable it to my house?
2.What cables will be brought into my house and how many?
3.is there gonna be any cables outside?
4.is there a new phone box in the house?
5.do they put a brown/green box outside my house?
6.do they have to drill any walls to get the cable into and round my house?
7.where do the (brown/green box) cable(s) get connected to from the outside?

these are some questions i liked to be answered as i want ntl bb since its a tad faster than 512 (ntl is 600k) i just want to see what will happend on installation day

thanks peeps!


  broggs 23:30 19 Mar 2003

I dont know if this will help but here goes...What they did at my house was first of all get the cable to my front path , they then drilled thru my wall and ran the cable thru my garden. they drilled a hole thru the front of the house into my front room.they routed the cable(s)Tv & telephone under the carpet thru my front room and then drilled thru the wall to gain access to my living room.They then layed the cable under the carpet to my tv.Basically they try to lay the cable 'as the crow flies' but they do not leave many cables showing and tidy up after themselves.they put a new telephone socket next to my bt one and yes the brown green socket is on the wall next to where they have drilled to get into my front room.

  Sunny-275842 23:35 19 Mar 2003

so you get the brown box outside your house and then a cable just runs thru to ur pc ok got that bit. but do they have to dig up the pavement or your pourch to wire the cable through?

  Legolas 00:05 20 Mar 2003

They put mine under the garden they will take the route of least resistance, but as they have done it hundreds of times they know what they are doing it is little or no problem, why not phone them and have a word with them.

  geoff47 01:21 20 Mar 2003

Cant work out if this is a wind up.....
It is obvious that they lay a line into your house,normally you would have noticed them at some time cableing the area,digging up the length of the road,and laying their line in a trench.
To be able to get that to your PC they must bring it into your house,so they connect to their cable in the street,dig a shallow path for it to cross your garden/drive whatever and then drill a hole into your house.From a telephone point inside your house they run the line to the PC.They are not there to disrupt your home and work quickly and efficiantly,keeping disruption the a minimum,and the only damage is thehole into your home that they seal,and a disturbed garden where the cable is run from the roadway,it doesnt take very long and the broadband is brilliant.
Shame about the service...but go to NThellworld to find out if you are worried.
I am well pleased,and would recommend it to anyone.Geoff47

  Sunny-275842 11:22 20 Mar 2003

well obivously it isnt a wind up otherwise why would you post here?(!) if its such a hassel i might consider freeserve instead.

thanks everyone who took the THREAD a serious matter


  georgeous 15:16 20 Mar 2003

The best thing about NTL 'at the moment' is that
during the summer months when you've better things to do, outside the pub on the river, do can
downgrade to 128k (cheaper) then up again to
600k for the winter nights or 1meg when your off work sick... ;D
All on a monthly basis, a phone call to downgrade, upgrade is done online.

  Legolas 17:45 20 Mar 2003

It really isn,t a hassle all you have to do is sit in the house and watch them at work and if you get NTL 600 they will install for free.

  sattman 20:09 20 Mar 2003

Not sure why geoff47 mentions the telephone line, if you having broadband only it does not need to go anywhere near your telephone line. It has not got anything to associate it with your telephone

If you have not got a consumer connection point outside your house on the wall (the brown box, but can be white) they will have to install one they cable from the main service supply to this box.

They run a cable (black) direct to a point near your puter, join this cable using a mandatory filter and complete the run in white cable.

You can usually decide where you have the filter fitted but they have to install to protect the line.

  accord 22:47 20 Mar 2003

my installation was as follows:

cable from the street, they sliced my lawn with the spade, lay the cable and covered cable with a size 9 Doctor Martin boot to repair lawn.

into house through hole in wall approx 10mm diameter and into a white box the size of a packet of marlboro lights on the inside wall.

from this box to my puter . job done.

the router (big brown box approx 1m x 1m x .5m) is located 100 yards down the road.

go for it and dont worry NTL engineers do this for a living everyday.

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