NTL Broadband & Ethernet/Network Card help.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:43 29 Apr 2003

Friend and I trying to suss out how, when NTL come to wire his NTL broadband up from a Cable to his computer what he need in the computer to get his NLT B.B up and running.

I/we understand but not 100% that there are 2 ways: using the cable from a set-top box near tv to a usb adapter on end of the cable and plugged into a USB socket. So understand that no Network card or Ethernet card is needed ? Can anyone confirm this please.

If there is not a USB adpater on the end of the Cable and that chunky RJ45 plug type thing you then need a 10/100Mbps PCI Ethernet card/Network card fitted. Is this correct or wrong .

Is there a difference between a Erthernet card and network card ?

Will a PCI card with 10/100 Mbps do the job ?

also if a motherboard has a thing called LAN is this another tyep it can be plugged into ?

Sorry if sound think, but don't want my mate to find out he carn't be connected if hes not got the right kit.

  John-259217 02:09 29 Apr 2003

Ethernet card, network card (NIC), LAN adapter onboard all describe the same thing, namely a network connection. 10/100Mbps refers to the speeds of the connection. If you have one of these available you can use it to connect the PC to the set top box or cable modem supplied by NTL.

NTL can supply the other alternative of a USB to ethernet adapter if you order it from them.

  fitshase 02:11 29 Apr 2003

In answer to your questions:

I understand that NTL broadband can be used with a USB adaptor - the installation technician will advise of this. If it is the case then you are correct in assuming there is no Network Card needed (although there is divided opinion about which is best to use).

An Ethernet Card is the same as a Network Card (normally called Network Interface Card - or NIC for short).

A PCI card with 10/100 Mbps will do the job.

If the motherboard has a LAN port then, again, this can be used.

The LAN, Ethernet, 10/100 Mbps PCI card and NIC are all the same - just different names.



  Kryten 05:21 29 Apr 2003

The NTL BB modem is supplied with both the USB connecting cable and the Network card connecting cable (all you need do is choose which to use). I use the USB connection and the only problem I have is when they have problems with their servers.

  Giggle n' Bits 10:08 29 Apr 2003

m73john,fitshase & Kryten are probably the best answers I could have hoped for and also beats all other tech replies I have ever been given in the PCA Forum.

Excellent and understandable from you all !.

Thank you to m73john, fitshase & Kryten for your call, impresive answers.

Audiofire. !

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