NTL Broadband Connection Problems

  spencer boy 10:59 16 Jul 2004

Hi All,

I have NTL BB connection via a cable modem and use XP home. Over the past few nights BB connects fine when i boot up (all lights on modem working) and i can access the internet and read mails without any problem. Then after a few minutes it stops. I can't connect to mail accounts via outlook express (just hangs and fails) and can't access the internet (the page not found error message). The modem looks fine and all lights are on. When i reboot it happens all over again (fine for a few minutes then the problems).

Got usual spybot/adware and use pc-cillin 2003 and no viruses are found.

Used the NTL broadband medic thing with no help but before I get hold of NTL and suffer the CCC (call center claptrap!)anyone got any ideas or anyone else suffering from this. The service status page on their homepage doesn't mention any problems in my area (coventry).

Cheers for any help/ideas.

  Smiler 11:12 16 Jul 2004

anything in here click here

  bhocip 11:23 16 Jul 2004

I had four days at the beginning of the week with problems with NTL broadband. I tried all the usual remedies even reinstalling Xp home. Finally I became desperate and decided to try the call centre for help. I will admit that the menu system on the phone was difficult, I lost where I was twice. I did eventually get a technical operative who could not have been more helpful. I am sorry I cannot help with your problem, but I thought my experience with NTL help might make you feel it is worth a try. I hope you get the problem sorted out, I know has frustrating this one is.

  spencer boy 11:25 16 Jul 2004

Cheers Smiler.

Looks like it might do the trick.

  pj123 11:37 16 Jul 2004

I also am on NTL BB and have had a few problems recently, especially with emails. click here to see whether it affects you.

  spencer boy 11:41 16 Jul 2004

Cheers bhocip - when i get home i shall give them a bell. Sound like the techie dept is better that usual. I did phone their general accounts number (different matter altogether) and got routed to some one in India who was pretty much useless. Suspsoe it all depend on the person who you get through too. Anyway - cheers.

  SEASHANTY 14:53 16 Jul 2004

Page not found would indicate working. Try out another browser and see what happens. Good one is the Mozilla Firefox which I am using right now. Its a 4.7MB download for Windows users. Install the download to somewhere like "My Documents" then double click on the icon the install it from there.
It pays to have more than one browser installed cos
you can always try the other if one isn't working
right. Many more people are using this now because of the many security probs with I.E.6. Link is here
click here

  SEASHANTY 15:11 16 Jul 2004

Also see this PCA thread
click here

  spencer boy 15:24 16 Jul 2004

Had a quick look at the site - not heard of firefox before but looks interesting. I shall give it a go and see what it is like. Doubt if its the cause of my problem but as you have said it always handy to have two browsers. Cheers.

  Faser 20:47 16 Jul 2004

I see the issue has been resolved. However for the benefit of anyone else looking at this discussion I had the same problem on a laptop using NTL broadband via a wireless router.

After trying everything I could think of I deleted a recent Windows I.E. patch KB823353 this instantly cured the problem.

  spencer boy 12:18 18 Jul 2004

For info...

Looking at my event log - the problem was in the area of ..

The DHCP Client service on your computer did not receive a response from the DHCP server to renew your computer's IP address lease. The client still has a valid IP address and periodically will try to get an address lease extension.
This could be caused by network connectivity issues, a DHCP server or relay malfunction, firewall issues, or a malfunction of your computer's network interface card or driver.

Don't mean a lot to me (DHCP servers?????) but I updated the network drivers (sis 900 based) and it seems to have fixed itself.

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