ntl Broadband: connecting temporarily to other PC

  ChrisE 09:12 11 Jan 2006

I have ntl Broadband and my PC is connected to an 'ntl:home' modem via USB. At the moment I'm setting up a new laptop for my daughter and it would be very useful if I could connect the laptop temporarily to my ntl Broadband connection. Can I just plug the cable into one of the USB connections on the laptop (as somebody told me) or do I need to install a driver first (ambitcm?) and if so how do I do that?


  recap 09:22 11 Jan 2006

If you are intending to use only the laptop at the time of connection? I would think you would have to set it up as you did with the main PC as a stand alone connection.

You could however, connect them as a network either hardwired or wirelessly.

  ChrisE 09:35 11 Jan 2006

Thank you for the advice, but unfortunately my PC doesn't have a network connection.
If I set it up as I did with the main PC I'm worried that I might have problems after connecting and using it again with rhe main PC.


  beynac 10:23 11 Jan 2006

I don't know the answer, but it may be worth posting the question on the ntl user's forum click here

  007al 11:14 11 Jan 2006

Do you have any free sockets on the modem?

  JYPX 11:57 11 Jan 2006
  ChrisE 12:07 11 Jan 2006

Thank you all for your advise, especially JYPX who provided a solution (it obviously worked for you?)... and yes I did 'Search forum' but this link didn't turn up (NTL -> ntl?).


  JYPX 12:35 11 Jan 2006

Yes ChrisE, I just did it the once. All I did was install the ambit driver from my original ntl cd. I confess that I am a little wary of constant switching until I see somthing from ntl about this.

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