NTL broadband and ?antivirus package?

  p;3 01:07 05 Jan 2007

sorry about the title but trying to think of how to word this;if you have an NTL tv system and a computer that has NTL BB installed on it via cd disc creating a LAN connection ( we hope)

does any NTL antivirus package come with that BB installation and does it get automatically installed and updated?

  brundle 01:25 05 Jan 2007

Most likely NetGuard; click here

  birdface 14:03 05 Jan 2007

As far as know it can be downloaded with the Broadband disk that you get,I am with NTL but I use AVG Anti-Virus+Spyware,Both free ,So you have a choice,[Dont tell me your friend has finally got his computer working].I think you have the option of installing it or not,If not just install it from Ntl broadband page.

  p;3 15:54 05 Jan 2007

Hi folks; a quiz next; assuming the NTL av package was installed from the bb disc, if they then went ahead (and heaven only knows WHY they chose norton)and installed the norton too, would that cause the system to crash and not connect to the LAN?

buteman, NOPE::((

the pc does work but completly refuses to play ball and give an internet connection; I did wonder if the clash with the possible two av programs on there could be to blame

other options for the horrid system refusing to work are being considered, including the fact that the modem box(?) on the tv is also playing up and apparently searching for channels

sumunt sumewhere aint quite Kosher here; but one has yet to track down where

if this ever does get sorted my advise to them is to put on the avg;

  birdface 20:43 05 Jan 2007

If they dont have netgear or NTL anti-virus in add remove,it probably was not downloaded,One other problem they may have is,I believe the new CD Broadband connection disc,Will up-date IE6 to IE7 ,And if they clicked that I can see problems Between IE7 and Norton,Before you download IE7 it is advisable to turn of your Anti-Virus + Firewall Also any extra toolbars have to be up-dated or deleted,If by any chance that they are on IE7 it may help to go back to IE6 ,Try add Remove and if IE7 is there, Delete it, It should go back to IE6, Providing that they were using IE6 before up-date.Must be doing your head in mate,Best of luck.

  p;3 21:25 05 Jan 2007

fortunately this is not my computer , but I find it rather ironic that the problems seemed to rear their head when the Norton was put on; hense my question about conflicts

  birdface 21:27 05 Jan 2007

When having trouble with the TV searching for programs, Switch TV Box of at the main for 2 minutes then restart, that should cure it,

  trisha01 21:33 05 Jan 2007

The NTL Security Suite is downloaded from the NTL homepage and not installed from the disc. However it did cause me no end of problems and I removed it totally.

Prior to installing the NTL suite, I also had to remove Nortons (a 90 day trial which came with this PC) due to problems.
i would not use either again

  Strawballs 22:30 05 Jan 2007

2 AV programs will cause problems.

As others have said I have tried both of the 2 mentioned and would not go back to either and I am on NTL BB.

  birdface 13:50 06 Jan 2007

Just a few of the problems with NTL and IE7.click here Medic problem,Supposed to take two weeks to fix it, That was about two months ago.

  birdface 13:51 06 Jan 2007

Try again.click here

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