NTL Broadband

  ThePharcyde007 11:37 30 May 2004

Guys - I recently built a pc for a freind, and set up his pc. When I plugged in the network cable which feeds off a shared broadband router connection, the internet worked fine no problems. But since taking his pc home connecting his broadband it does not work. Do NTL use internal modems for broadband? Because the broadband plugs straight into the back of the pc from a telephone type wall connection (with network cable size connections) What i'am thinking is that the PC which has broadband working, has a internal ASDL modem. Would it be as simple as getting another internal modem for him and plugging it in? or does it use a fixed IP address hence will not work?


  ste_bla 11:42 30 May 2004

For NTL you need a cable modem not ASDL

you can have and internal (pic), external (USB), or a router (ethernet)

  ThePharcyde007 11:43 30 May 2004

ste_bla thank you, but do NTL lock IP addresses to stop sharing of broadband?


  PSF 11:44 30 May 2004

I have NTL broadband, as far as I know all the other ones I have seen are external modems. You either connect via nic or USB. The Nic is the better option of the two.

NTL will be using ADSL modems but that has not started yet. click here

  PSF 11:48 30 May 2004

You only get one IP address per house, NTL do not mind you sharing your connection on your home network. The recommend it to get the best out of their service. They have links on the Broadband page for networking. click here

  ste_bla 11:48 30 May 2004

locking an IP will not stop sharing BB... i have a router with a static IP (changes every few months though) and each computer has a different IP but the router can only see this as far as ntl concerned its one pc.. atleast i think thats how it works!

  PSF 11:49 30 May 2004

That is correct you could have 255 pc's hidden behind the router.

  Rayuk 11:52 30 May 2004

Another option does the cable come from a set top box,if so turn the set top box off for 30secs or more at the plug then switch back on.

  AndySD 11:53 30 May 2004

Does he have the Stand Alone Modem or into the back of the NTL cable box. click here I now you say it plugs into the wall but is this because its a shared connection ?

  ThePharcyde007 12:39 30 May 2004

Waiting for him to call to confirm! im in London, hes in Bournemouth!


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