NTL Broadband

  John 19:47 16 Mar 2004

Has anyone any experience/comments of NTL Broadband please?

  radi8or 20:16 16 Mar 2004


Have ntl bb 600 package i'm pretty happy with it
has occasional problems but there again it's pretty busy, at the moment they are doing a major upgrade on their email so it is closed late at night till early morning but they promise big improvement when finished. All in all
a good service but have not experienced any other to really compare.

ya pays your money ye takes your choice

Regards Bob

  raffen 20:25 16 Mar 2004

I have basic ntl broadband which has met my own needs well since it was introduced.

  obbit 20:45 16 Mar 2004

i have 600k BB. it's ok most of the time. tea time is slow due to the number of users online. it has got better lately cos they have been doing upgrades.

  Pesala 20:52 16 Mar 2004

My impression is that it suffers from frequent disconnection. Help is difficult to get and customer service is poor.

I'm still waiting since at least January 20th to be reimbursed for £90 overpaid because of their error on my account - they were taking two payments of £14.99 a month and £17.99 a month for six months before my brother checked his bank statements. They wrote to me on 12th January informing me that they had discovered during a recent audit that they had been UNDERCHARGING me only £14.99 instead of £17.99 since the service was upgraded from 128K to 150K in May of 2003. I was not informed of the upgrade or the price increase, but learnt about it later on this forum.

The clerical error was apparently caused after I moved address in March 2003, my account was never properly transferred so I had to reregister when this was discovered in July, and payments were extracted for both old and new accounts.

On the plus side, the engineer was very helpful when he came to fix my connection, and £17.99 is still cheaper than most other options, especially for me as I don't have a telephone landline. 150K is adequate for browsing and downloading, but not for streaming media.

If you can afford to pay more, other services may be better. If you want cheap, look at Plusnet. They have some options that look cheaper than NTL, though I have no idea how DSL compares to cable for speed and reliability. Customer satisfaction is subjective depending on one's personal experience. Mine is not what I would call satisfactory, let alone good.

My connection dropped again while typing this. Maybe someone out there is watching me.

  TommyRed 21:37 16 Mar 2004

I've just got PlusNet 512kbps in the last week or so, but my impression is very good sevice and customer support so far. Go to click here to compare HTH TR

  TommyRed 21:41 16 Mar 2004

I've just done a compare with ntl, PlusNet, Pipex and Zen. Ntl didn't do very well against the others. HTH TR

  keith-236785 22:27 16 Mar 2004

Well, im gonna defend NTL....

i have just upgraded from 150k to 600k and find the internet so much quicker (£7 more per month more than 150k) there are times when it crawls but maybe thats due to tea time traffic or my computer, or aliens.......(micro$oft)

we have had a problem being charged twice for the same thing, not broadband, just the standard tv & Phone package which took 3 months to sort out.

NTL did e-mail everyone giving notice of the rise from £14.99 a month to £17.99 (for which you got the extra 22kbps 128-150), and as already said, they have done a lot of upgrading which seems to have helped.

this might be a bit one sided as NTL is the only broadband i have tried. My computer is on 24/7 and always connected. I don't get spam from NTL as you do from others and am quite happy with the service.

i have used several dial up ISP's in the past and found them all to be pretty much the same. maybe that goes for broadband as well.

with the massive amount of customers that NTL have, some are bound to have horror stories whilst others will be full of praise. thats life my friend, make the most of what you have or change and try to get a better deal.

P.S no, i dont work for them.

  pj123 22:44 16 Mar 2004

I second what paperman27 has said. I am on NTL BB 600 via my digital set top box (not modem) although it's connected via USB to my computer. Had a teething problem to start with but it turned out to be a faulty set top box. NTL engineer put a new one in the next day. Been OK ever since.

  Dr. Charles(retired now) 10:16 17 Mar 2004

I like NTL 600 and its been OK for me in the NE of England. It does have its glitches but so does everyone elses, but at least they are expanding matters properly with more servers etc

Charles :)

  swiss$tony 12:38 17 Mar 2004

I am on basic 150k bb and generally it's fine, had a slight glitch at the start though due to being too close to the junction box on the corner of the road.
After 2weeks usage I found that I couldn't connect, when the engineer came out he did some sort of test and it seems that because I am quite close to the junction box I needed some sort of filter which was fitted for free. The bloke who made the cable connection initially should have done this but didn't.

Sometimes it's a bit slow (tea time )but as I said before generally ok. Tech support (when you can get through)is fine. I'm in South Staffs by the way, ex pat Brummie.

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