NTL BB 64k modem speeds

  bobbyp 23:48 17 Mar 2003

Hello all,
my apologies if this has been answered before, but searching take an age, hence my question.

I have Windows ME, NTL broadband 64k modem (USB), system resources ~85% free if i ctrl-alt-delete and remove everything but Explorer, 256Mb ram. Also delete all temp internet files etc each time I use it.

I have run some tests, and I get a speed of 3460 which is of the order of a 28.8k modem, which is obviously not 64k!

I have spoken to NTL who have done some diagnostics who say the modem is working fine. They are recommending I reinstall Windows to see if that helps.

Does this sound sensible, or can you suggest what else I can do to speed things up.

  bobbyp 23:51 17 Mar 2003


I should also add that they told me to tick the "Use proxy server" option - I didn't think I wanted to do this?

  AndySD 05:12 18 Mar 2003

click here and try the Large Graphic.

  bobbyp 09:11 18 Mar 2003

This is similar to the one I was trying. With everything closed down except Explorer (and I.E 5.5) it takes 145 seconds and gives a speed of 3320 c.f. 4000 for 33.6.

not all that great is it?

  Wes Tam ;-) 09:27 18 Mar 2003

bobbyp are you sure you're on BB?

I think you must have an analogue dial-up modem if it's only 64k.

  bobbyp 09:32 18 Mar 2003

Hmm, not sure the exact definition of Broad Band. However, the modem is not a dial up. Simply connect on IE and I'm straight in. It is definitely 64k though as I have the installation sheet and modem manual

  bobbyp 19:11 18 Mar 2003

Any suggestions - should I go with NTL advice and reinstall Windows?


  Megatyte 19:21 18 Mar 2003

64K Broadband?????????

  Tim1964 23:27 18 Mar 2003


Are you (as I am) on NTL's 128K "broadband"?

If so you should get speeds of at least 100K even on a bad day.

What is the model of the modem and does it connect to your set top box or is the SYB the modem itself?

It shouldn't be down to the spec of your PC as mine is very low spec by todays standards.

  Tim1964 23:28 18 Mar 2003

STB (set top box) not SYB of course

  Tim1964 23:33 18 Mar 2003


Just tried AndySD suggestion and got 13420 back as a result.

Also click here is a good site for speed tests.

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