NTL 600K Broadband...

  anniesboy68 16:29 29 Jan 2003

anyone out there experiencing slow snail pace loading on some sites.sometimes wonder if I am on broadband

  PSF 17:29 29 Jan 2003

I am on NTL BB and at random it does that.
A few months ago it was very bad and I found out that the Brentford was having problems. They gave me a different proxy serve address, that cured the browsing speed.
It might be an idea to contact them for another proxy server address.
At the time only the browsing speed was slow, downloads were still 70-75k!!!

  anniesboy68 17:35 29 Jan 2003

Thanks PSF, I have been on to NTL and there is "yet another problem" with their whatever it is. Just have to wait. Cannot even get to the check sever box in help at the moment. My download speeds are sometimes in excess of 100k!!!!!!

  PSF 17:43 29 Jan 2003

I think they are still recovering from the SQL server attack at the weekend.

From there home page:

29 January 2003 16:57 ntl:home all services slow browsing
Customers on all ntl:home internet packages may currently be experiencing slow or intermittent connections due to a possible dns server problem.

We are currently investigating the causes of these issues and are working to resolve them as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience that this may cause.

29 January 2003 16:33 ntl Broadband Internet Service - Oxford/Swindon
ntl home broadband internet customers in the Oxford and Swindon areas may currently be experiencing slow browsing of web pages due to a technical fault.

Our engineers are aware and are working towards a resolution as soon as possible.

Please accept our apologies for any inconvenience this may cause.

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