NTL 300k Broadband. Questions before installing

  Wrighty 23:40 14 Oct 2004

Hi there,

Getting NTL Broadband fitted next weekend and I just have a couple of questions to see if anyone can help me.
Would it be better to take my dial up connection/software off PC before installing Broadband software.?

Can you keep your Email address I am using now?
I have a Surgemaster power socket with telephone line protection can I still protect my phoneline with the new Broadband.?

I have read some of the previous threads about Broadband this is why I am asking if people have had any problems what I have mentions. Any info would be grately appreciated.

Running XP Home with SP2 just installed. No probelms with that at all.



  johnnyrocker 23:47 14 Oct 2004

knowing ntl it would (imho) be a wise ideato keep it although i do believe ntl provide a dial up facility in the event of one of their often outages, e mail would be a matter for discussion between you and your current isp (if ntl no prob)


  Wrighty 23:57 14 Oct 2004

Hi there,
I am using NTL Dial up at prescent which is why i said could I keep original dial up Email.

Thanks for your response anyway.

Many thanks


  keith-236785 00:13 15 Oct 2004

You can keep the dial up account if you want but from my own experience with NTL, you shouldnt need it i havent in fact i no longer have a modem in my system. you can keep your e-mail address and set up Outlook Express or whatever e-mail prog you use to check via the broadband connection (but you wont be able to send e-mails that way, to do that you would need to be dialed into the relevant ISP).

NTL connect the modem via USB or LAN so if you want to you can still have your phone line connected and surge protected.

ps. when setting up your broadband to use the Lan connection, make sure that you have installed the lan drivers from your motherboard cd (or floppy disk if it is an add on lan card).

i paid the price doing this as it crashed out on me because it couldnt connect and i lost my option to bring across my old dial up account to broadband and had to setup a new e-mail address.

even though some people knock NTL, i have had good service from then for the last 4 or 5 years Dial up then BB. (Huddersfield West Yorkshire)

  hugh-265156 00:15 15 Oct 2004

im with ntl using thier 750k connection at the moment. i have been using ntl for around two years, had the 150k service and then upgraded to 600k and never had any problems with them. going from dial up to 300k you will notice a big difference.

can you keep your old ntl email address? yes as you are still going to be with ntl. you will just be downloading your mail a bit quicker now. :-)

ps. i would un install any old ntl dial up software before installing broadband, providing of course you will be giving up the old contract. if you want emergancy dial up access click here click here

  Stirkius 00:20 15 Oct 2004

NTL 750K user here....(just been upgraded from 512k originally to 600k and now to 750k all for the same price.....went through a bad patch where connection dropped on a regular basis often for three hours at a tme (this was due to server upgrades as I found out when I threatened to end my monthly fee)....you will have no probs downloading software - service comes with an idiots guide how to connect correctly....also recommend their Broadband Medic Application (from NTL HOMEPAGE) - this quickly diagnoses if prob at your end or with server

Strangely enough I live in Huddersfield too...

  Wrighty 00:27 15 Oct 2004

Hi there both paperman27 and huggyg71. Many thanks for your info. So pleased you andswered my questions regarding the installation of NTL. I live in Middlesbrough and have been with NTL for a lot of years. Used there Dial up for past 4 years with no trouble at all.

I was going to unistall the Dial up software before installing Broadband. Will be using USB connection I think. I will let you know next Friday evening if all goes to plan what it was like. I really cannot wait and my parents won't be able to say "been ringing you for the past hour must have been on the net were you" anymore.

Thanks again for your help.



  TECHNODIMWIT 07:35 15 Oct 2004

When you upgrade to ntl bb the installation software takes care of ntl dial up, it either uninstalls it or disables it, thinking that you wouldn't want to go back.

  accord 07:52 15 Oct 2004

You dont need to install the NTL software. The engineer should have the settings for outlook or OE. if not then call Tech Support and they will walk you through it. I would also advise using the ethernet connection as its more stable than USB.

I have recently formatted my HDD and i set outlook up with the pop and smtp addresses, user name and password and job done. Ive never installed the NTL software or the old gearbox as it was a couple of years ago.

Using 750K NTL BB

  Wrighty 14:25 15 Oct 2004


I never installed the old dial up gearbox on my Dial up either.

Are you saying ethernet is better than USB?

Cheers for the response


  Valvegrid 14:45 15 Oct 2004

One last thing, when you are using broadband remove the telephone plug, this will stop any primium rate diallers from dailling out without your knowledge. Good luck and enjoy!

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