NTL 2Mb service

  jon2 10:35 23 Sep 2006

NTL have just upgraded my conection to 2Mb it don't seem to have made any differance, if I download a file I am only geting 112 Kb a sec, any tips any one. I have tried talking to NTL ended up loseing my connection for a day, and still no better.

  BRYNIT 11:59 23 Sep 2006

If you have checked with a BB speed test that you are on the 2MB I would leave it for a couple of weeks for every thing to settle down.

Even though I should be on the 2MB I am still waiting.

  beynac 13:40 23 Sep 2006

Try a speed test on: click here

The download speed of a file can depend upon a number of factors.

  broggs 13:41 23 Sep 2006

i use this speed test on this site..I pay 24.99 per month to ntl and at the moment i am only averaging a speed of around 1mb
click here

  GaT7 15:15 23 Sep 2006

beynac, I tried your speed test & got 1924kbps download (188kbps upload).

With broggs speed test I got 1.93Mbps.

I'm on a 1Mb NTL connection at just £9.99 a month. G

  Smiler 16:42 02 Oct 2006

How long have you been on NTL for £9.99

  beynac 16:45 02 Oct 2006

I think that you will find that you've been upgraded to 2Mb.

  Jimmy14 16:57 02 Oct 2006

after running your recommended speed test on my Tiscali supposedly 2mb Broadband (line is now set to receive 8mb but don't think anyones being upgraded yet) and these are the results,

Downstream 4356 Kbps
Upstream 373 Kbps


  GaT7 18:02 02 Oct 2006

Smiler, I've been with NTL @ £9.99 since July 2005 (30/06/05 to be exact).

beynac, yes thanks I found out a short while ago - see click here. G

  Smiler 14:11 03 Oct 2006

I think you're lucky they haven't charged you the proper 1/2MB price of £17.99 yet.

  GaT7 18:46 03 Oct 2006

Smiler, you can say that again!! They said 6 months more at £9.99 when I called them in July, so I'll be looking for another ISP in December or pay the £17.99 in 2007.

One thing I didn't mention in my post to Legolas (at click here), was that the introductory offer of £9.99 for a year also included 3 months free. But I paid £9.99 EVERY month & when I enquired about it (the free months) they denied all knowledge of it. To be fair it wasn't given to me in writing, & I grabbed the 6 extra months at £9.99 when it was offered instead(?). G

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