ntl 150k v 600k

  dfghjkl 20:03 23 Jan 2004

i have had ntl 150 for a while and am considering upgrading to 600k it is only £7 more a month but i want to know is it worth it?i find that web pages load quick enough on 150k so it can only be a little faster on 600k.can you watch real or wmp files a lot quicker?or larger?i download the odd game demo but dont play online.basicaly i have to justify the money to the other half,it was bad enough getting from £10 dial up to £18 for 150k.so i need some good ideas.i am already convinced if i am honest.if the going gets tough i can always use the kids as back up.thanks,peter.

  GANDALF <|:-)> 20:18 23 Jan 2004

If you do not download or upload a lot there will be little or no difference especially in the speed that webpages load.


  Valvegrid 20:42 23 Jan 2004

I agree with GANDALF <|:-)> . NTL upgraded us to 600k a year or so ago and to be honest the pages loading were not all that much quicker. Downloading files was considerably quicker, personally I'm not downloading files all the time that's why I stuck with 150k.


  Pesala 20:54 23 Jan 2004

Nor for downloading, but worthwhile for streaming media, watching films or TV. I'm on 150K NTL BB, which is fine for what I do, but if I do try to watch the news designed for 250K it is almost useless.

Since you probably have a 26" TV already, it is hard to justify £0.70 a week more to watch TV on a PC monitor. Spending £7 a week more is daft unless it saves you renting DVDs or Videos to keep the kids amused, and I don't think it will because you have to pay extra for decent online content anyway. Movie trailers are not going to entertain the kids for long. Save your money.

  dfghjkl 20:59 23 Jan 2004

so its not worth it then?

  glen2409 21:04 23 Jan 2004

I had 150k NTL but for over the last year or so have had the 600K.
I would recommend the 600k. I use to have downloads at around 15kb/s but now nearer 75kb/s. So if you download alot this is worth the £7 extra. Web pages do load qwuicker and the streaming is alot better.
I was a bit hesitant at first but wouldn't go back given the choice. Go for it and I think as you are upgrading you can down grade again after a month, thats what they told me anyway

  Double Helix 10:50 24 Jan 2004

Phone NTL and tell them you want a trial run on the 600k connection. Although it may be slightly different-I was told to do that when upgrading 600k to 1meg. Chances are they'll give you it, if not keep them on the line longer and bore/hassle/annoy them.

Personally, if I could go to another provider, I would but no-one else here can give me the service. Talk about a monopoly!!

  dfghjkl 16:11 24 Jan 2004

i will phone later and give it a go.

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