DerekR 16:06 18 Nov 2005

Evening chaps and chapessess - just thought I`d share my delight at this here 10mb - yes - 10mb connection I just upgraded to with NTL.


  GaT7 16:09 18 Nov 2005

What was the original speed, how much extra did you have to pay, what's the traffic allowance & who's arm did you have to twist? G

  DerekR 19:55 18 Nov 2005

37.99 a month - 75Gb month Cap - this internet thingy is sailing along merrily now!

Seems that those on or signing up to NTL's 3mb service are now getting 10mb straight away - the rank and file minions currently on the lower tiers wont be upgraded till next year when 10mb becomes the standard on NTL

  GaT7 21:28 18 Nov 2005

Not all areas covered yet - 24Mb for £24 (unlimited) at Be click here & 22Mb for £30 at UKOnline click here.

I'm one of the 'rank and file minions' so I guess I'll have to wait, or even leave & join one of the above when my year is up. G

  DerekR 22:26 18 Nov 2005

Not that long till NTL starts rolling out the 10mb - be here sooner than you think

That link you posted seems too good to be true - 24mb? Be downloading stuff before it's written!!

  DerekR 22:28 18 Nov 2005

Bela raises a good point though.... at least the NTL speeds will be fairly constant in both directions

  VoG II 22:29 18 Nov 2005

blueyonder 10 Mb/s, uncapped, £35/month :o)

  Jaro 23:25 18 Nov 2005

Coming soon 10Mb Broadband with 75GB monthly usage allowance! click here they say its coming soon which mean that derekR is very fast or laier or webadmin is big looser :)))

  DerekR 23:40 18 Nov 2005

click here

Read this and weep Jaro - I`m very fast!! Test done at 2339hrs

NTL are already rolling out 10mb to those in the know!

  PUNKA 09:32 19 Nov 2005

VoG, me too Blindingly Quick :)

  matto 06:26 21 Nov 2005

I love this. I had a 3mb last year and then downgraded to 1mb with only a few moments of regret - (3 for £30 offer seduced me - tv, phone, web).

the question is though, what's to download at those speeds? Presuming we are aware that ISPs are now obligated to report certain IPs and traffic... it's just movie previews and pay-per-view porn....

anyone else found decent legal content that needs a 10mb conx?


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